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Lea Landaverde: 2024 Woman To Watch

Lea Landaverde: The Riqueza Collective 2024 Woman To Watch Welcome to an exclusive Q&A with Lea Landaverde, affectionately known as the Latina Wealth Activist, a

La Vida COSIGN Podcast: Thalia LeBlanc

Melanin Y Más: Embracing Afro-Latina Culture with Thalia LeBlanc https://youtu.be/ir3nxDtIW0E   Join us for an enlightening episode of La Vida COSIGN as we sit down

La Vida COSIGN Podcast: Paloma Diaz Rivas

Paloma Diaz Rivas, Content Creator/Influencer Shares Why It’s Important To Create Content In Spanish Dive into the inaugural episode of La Vida COSIGN Podcast, where

COSIGN Convesations: Yvonne Guidry aka Spoiled Latina

Spoiled Latina Talks How Relationships Built Her Business, Pitching Brand Partnerships & More https://youtu.be/UmgZxrFXnPM?si=TE9j_fq70A-XmLvq In this episode of COSIGN Conversations, dive into the dynamic world

COSIGN Conversations: Dani Velez Ochoa

Hustling Her Way: Dani’s Journey as a Miami-Based Trailblazer + Insights on the Power of Travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZW_Q-6irr4&t=4s Thank you for watching another episode of the

COSIGN Conversations: YaYa In The City

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDnmNeYiNdM&t=56s Introducing Yaya in the City: A Houston Native and Music Executive Making Waves in the Industry YaYa in the City, a Houston native and

JT The Producer | La Vida COSIGN

Claudio Jose Torres, professionally known as JT The Producer, is a Dominican music producer and DJ, that creates sounds and beats across all different genres

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