Introducing Yaya in the City: A Houston Native and Music Executive Making Waves in the Industry YaYa in the City, a Houston native and music executive who has been making waves with her passion, drive, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

With a deep-rooted love for music and an unwavering commitment to supporting artists, YaYa has become a trusted name in the industry. Her keen understanding of the business, coupled with her innate ability to spot talent, has propelled her career to new heights. Now, Yaya is ready to embark on her latest venture: Marca Única. Marca Única isDedicated to developing and representing talento artístico desde Houston, TX. This exciting new company aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a unique platform for artists to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. Marca Única will serve as a launchpad for emerging artists, offering them a supportive and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. Under Yaya’s guidance and expertise, Marca Única will focus on artist development, strategic partnerships, and innovative marketing campaigns. By leveraging her extensive network and industry knowledge, Yaya aims to create impactful opportunities for artists to reach their full potential and achieve success on their own terms. But Marca Única is not just about the artists; it’s about fostering a community of music lovers, trendsetters, and industry professionals who share a common passion for music.

Yaya envisions Marca Única as a hub for creativity, collaboration, and inspiration, where artists and fans can come together to celebrate the power of music. Follow Yaya in the City and Marca Única on their journey to discover the next generation of musical talents and experience the magic of Houston’s music scene like never before.

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