!Viva la raza!

La Vida COSIGN is the vibrant and captivating Latino remix of COSIGN Magazine, designed to showcase the essence of Latino culture, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

With a deep appreciation for the rich heritage and diverse experiences of the Latino community, La Vida COSIGN is your ultimate destination for authentic stories, inspiring features, and cultural celebrations.


Tapping into a vibrant community

Experience the pulse of Latino culture as you dive into exclusive interviews, in-depth articles, and captivating visuals that highlight the vibrancy, resilience, and innovation within the community. Explore the latest trends, uncover hidden gems, and discover the stories behind the inspiring individuals who are making their mark.



La Vida COSIGN is your cultural compass, providing an authentic and inclusive space to celebrate the diverse narratives, traditions, and achievements of the Latino community. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, connection, or a deeper understanding of Latino culture, La Vida COSIGN invites you to join the conversation and embrace the richness and beauty of Latino heritage.


¡Que comience la fiesta!

Welcome to La Vida COSIGN, where the power of Latino creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural expression takes center stage. Come, celebrate, and be inspired by the extraordinary stories that shape the Latino experience. ¡Bienvenidos a La Vida COSIGN!

La Vida COSIGN Podcast: Thalia LeBlanc

Melanin Y Más: Embracing Afro-Latina Culture with Thalia LeBlanc https://youtu.be/ir3nxDtIW0E   Join us for an enlightening episode of La Vida COSIGN as we sit down

La Vida COSIGN Podcast: Paloma Diaz Rivas

Paloma Diaz Rivas, Content Creator/Influencer Shares Why It’s Important To Create Content In Spanish Dive into the inaugural episode of La Vida COSIGN Podcast, where

COSIGN Convesations: Yvonne Guidry aka Spoiled Latina

Spoiled Latina Talks How Relationships Built Her Business, Pitching Brand Partnerships & More https://youtu.be/UmgZxrFXnPM?si=TE9j_fq70A-XmLvq In this episode of COSIGN Conversations, dive into the dynamic world

COSIGN Conversations: Dani Velez Ochoa

Hustling Her Way: Dani’s Journey as a Miami-Based Trailblazer + Insights on the Power of Travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZW_Q-6irr4&t=4s Thank you for watching another episode of the

COSIGN Conversations: YaYa In The City

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDnmNeYiNdM&t=56s Introducing Yaya in the City: A Houston Native and Music Executive Making Waves in the Industry YaYa in the City, a Houston native and

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