Claudio Jose Torres, professionally known as JT The Producer, is a Dominican music producer and DJ, that creates sounds and beats across all different genres of music for some of the most influential recording artists in today’s era.

He recently released his latest single, “Electric Love” with singer, songwriter, and dancer, Bianca Leony.  We had the opportunity to chat with JT for a few. Check out our interview below.


Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Diddy recently celebrated his birthday, and we heard you once interned at Bad Boy Records. Can you tell us a little about your experience working at Bad Boy, and do you have any Diddy stories you can share?  

I actually did not intern at Bad Boy Records, I Interned at Play Studios in NY when I was offered a job at Bad Boy – which I turned down.  What I can say about Diddy, from my short experience with him during that time,  is that he is very creative and always has a game plan. 

Most people desire to have a career in the music industry, and you’ve been blessed enough to do so. Can you shed light on how you’ve managed to have a successful career in the music business and share advice for other producers who want to follow suit? 

For me, it’s been a journey. I started as a sound engineer, had a very young age as I went to music school. I learned about music through different people I came across in my life, from musicians to engineers, and to listen to music. As much as people want to think that music happens overnight, the best advice is that it takes time, dedication, and persistence.

What was that one record you created that made you realize a career in the music industry is possible? And what was it about that record that solidified it for you? 

For me, it wasn’t simply a record I created but something I collaborated on once I saw that all you had to do was put your heart behind it, I knew.

 You might be biased, but as a producer who works with many artists, do you see a difference in the creative process between Dominican and American artists? If so, how do they differ? 

You are right; I can be biased, but being born in New York City and grew up in New York City. At one point, Dominican artists looked at American artists for guidance or creativity or just wanting to be liked, but now that Dominicans have their sound, that has changed. Dominicans, are a bit more creative because they don’t have all the resources that American artists might have.

You’re a producer and a DJ. What makes the producer/DJ a great combo? 

DJs break records, show people, and make people dance as a producer. I’m able to create something unique to music that they already know.

 You recently released a new single, “Electric Love,” with Bianca Leony. What do you want listeners to take from this record and learn about you as a producer? Also, how was it working with Bianca Leony on this single?

What I want them to take from his record is to see my versatility as a producer that I can not only do Reggaeton and hip-hop, but I could practically tackle any genre, and working with Bianka was a breeze. She’s a great artist and singer, which makes my job easier.

 If you did a remix, who do you see on this record with Bianca Leony? And what makes this artist a great fit? 

I have not thought about it, but I would like to go in a different direction and get someone not even close to the genre.

 Bad Bunny is one if not the most prominent artist out right now. As a producer, what do you think makes Bad Bunny a global sensation and superstar? 

It’s funny that you asked because I just had a conversation with her Jesse Terrero asked him the same question, and he brought something to light that is what makes him so significant that he caters to all cultures, which is impressive.

Lastly, who are some other Dominican artists, producers, or executives that you co-sign and feel the world should know about? 

There are many Dominican artists, up-and-coming, and established ones that I could mention, from El alfa to Kiko El crazy to Martha Herida Mozart la Para to produce and producers like Leo Rd and Chael Niko. 


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