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COSIGN is an award-winning media and production company, national agency, and online community that operates a multi-platform media ecosystem that includes a magazine, website, video and podcast network, entrepreneurship programs, and multiple event series.

At COSIGN, we focus on highlighting minority entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and thought-leaders in various industries such as tech, entertainment, media, fashion, sports, and real estate. The platform was founded in 2011 and relaunched in 2020 by K.G. Graham, and has since grown to become a leading destination for rising talent and business owners.

COSIGN operates on the principle of “cosigning,” which refers to endorsing or vouching for someone’s talent, skill, or potential. The magazine seeks to provide a platform for emerging talent to gain exposure, connect with their audience, and advance their careers.

The magazine features a mix of interviews, features, and reviews of emerging talent, as well as industry news and insights. The publication also hosts events and offers marketing and branding services for emerging talent and corporations looking to build their brand and expand their reach.

COSIGN has been recognized for its innovative approach to media and entrepreneurship, winning the “Best Magazine” award at the 2017 “A Night For The Stars” gala. All in all, COSIGN is a dynamic and forward-thinking agency and media company that champions emerging talent in various industries. The organization’s focus on cosigning and promoting rising stars has helped to establish it as a valuable resource and platform for young creatives and entrepreneurs.


K.G. Graham

Chief Executive Officer

Emmelie De La Cruz

Chief Marketing Officer

Subrina Moreno

Operations Manager

Chris Panayiotou




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