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ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nikita Seal, founder of ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs a woman and veteran-owned food truck company launched in 2020. 

Tell us what made you launch ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs and where did the idea derive from?

ZZ’s ice cream puffs is named after my then five year old twins . It’s a Cali inspired treat . Once I was laid off from my corporate job in 2020 it was now or never to take the big leap to start ZZ’s.

What was the process of launching a food truck business? Can you walk us through the process?
Launching a food truck business you must first know what type of kitchen setup and equipment you’ll need and how to setup the inside as efficiently as possible. Then you’ll need to get proper food permits such as food handlers & city health permits to name a few. Then you’ll need to get a credit processing system preferably one with Apple Pay. Get your LLC and insurance on your food truck. 
How did you find your first location and what was your thought process when looking?
My focus when searching for my first location was a big parking lot next to a big brand like Starbucks. I found a black-owned furniture store, spoke to the owner and we worked out a deal.  I launched in the parking lot of that furniture store.

What’s the benefit of having a food truck compared to a brick-and-mortar location?

The overhead! I own the truck so no monthly cost. Our costs are lower since our biggest cost per event is the gas to get us there. 

In a perfect world, what’s your end goal for ZZ’s Ice Cream Puffs?

Franchised locations all over, take the company public.

What’s the most difficult aspect of being in the food industry?

Each city has different health inspection requirements which can be frustrating when doing public events in multiple cities a month.   

Tell us about your first hire. When did you know you were ready to hire someone and what position was your first hire for?
Our first hire was two, 15 year old Puffatiers. Our Puffatiers serve customers and maintain the food truck. I hired them day one. They are my best friends children so it was more of a mentorship and part time job.

What do you enjoy most about entrepreneurship?

The freedom to create my own schedule and not need anyones permission for anything.

What do you enjoy least about entrepreneurship?

The being broke phase in the beginning.

Last but not least, tell us an entrepreneur you #COSIGN and why you #COSIGN them.

I #COSIGN Laurie Davis, she’s the owner of INNERgies body care line. Her vision for her brand is next level and very intentional.

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