Celebrating Excellence and Bold Bets: Recap of the 6th Annual COSIGN Awards Casino Night Gala "Bet On Yourself" Edition

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COSIGN Community, what a night! The 6th Annual COSIGN Awards Casino Night Gala “Bet On Yourself” Edition was nothing short of spectacular. As the dazzling lights fade and the echoes of celebration linger, we find ourselves reflecting on an evening that transcended expectations.

The glamour commenced as our esteemed guests graced the red carpet, turning the venue into a runway of elegance. Every step was a testament to the exceptional individuals who make up our vibrant COSIGN community.

Over 400 individuals were in attendance to celebrate and honor the Dallas entrepreneurial and creative community. Attendees immersed themselves in the games, making every moment a chance to take a bold bet, echoing the spirit of Betting On Yourself.

A highlight of the night was a surprise fashion show by Celebrity Designer Pink Lucy, along with the amazing curated cocktails by Maker’s Mark, On The Rocks, and Tres Generaciones Tequila.

Honoring Visionaries: Mayor Rachel L. Proctor & Kevin Kelley

The heart of the night was the recognition of extraordinary individuals who have not only bet on themselves but have reshaped industries. The applause was thunderous as we honored Mayor Rachel L. Proctor and Serial Entrepreneur Kevin Kelley, a true COSIGN of the Year. Their stories are not just one of success but of resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Bet On Yourself Grant: The Aura House

In the spirit of community empowerment, we proudly unveiled the Bet On Yourself Grant. A heartfelt moment that symbolized our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs on their journey, providing a platform for dreams to flourish. This year’s Bet On Yourself Grant went to, The Aura House,a boutique wellness studio that curates experiences to promote physical, mental, and emotional well being through yoga, meditation, Pilates, sound healing, Reiki, and breath work.

The night was also a celebration of connections. Entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives engaged in meaningful conversations, forging new alliances, and expanding their networks. The energy of collaboration was infectious, underscoring the power of a united COSIGN community.

As the awards program unfolded, each category celebrated exceptional achievements, highlighting the diverse talents within our community. From emerging entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals, the COSIGN Awards showcased the breadth of brilliance that defines us.

Thank You From COSIGN

To every guest, nominee, sponsor, and partner, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your presence and contributions made this night not just an event but a collective triumph. Thank you for Betting On Yourself and being an integral part of the COSIGN journey.

The 6th Annual COSIGN Awards Casino Night Gala “Bet On Yourself” Edition was a chapter in our collective story, a testament to the indomitable spirit that fuels the COSIGN community. As we bid adieu to this extraordinary night, the echoes of celebration linger, reminding us that at COSIGN, we don’t just celebrate success; we co-create it.

Check out the full event gallery below and more highlights on our Instagram @cosignmag. Until next time, keep Betting On Yourself!

With heartfelt appreciation,

The COSIGN Magazine Team

Event Credits

  • Drink Sponsors: Maker’s Mark, Tres Generaciones Tequila, & On The Rocks
  • Event Planning & Production: Swan 7
  • Decor: Label Me Exclusive
  • Hosted by: Tashara Parker
  • Sounds by: DJ Tazia Alexa & DJ Madd
  • VIP Photo Activation: Don P Agency
  • Transportation: TIED
  • Catering: O’s Kitchen Catering
  • 360 Photo Booth: Slate 360
  • Classic Photo Booth: Picture Me Perfect


  • Lubbock Smith – Community Leader
  • Taylor Symone – Health/Wellness Start Up | Powered by: Tendrils & Twigs
  • Pasos For Oak Cliff – Non-Profit
  • Lonice Stoker – Beauty Entrepreneur | Powered by: Adwoa Beauty
  • Mayor Rachel L. Proctor – COSIGN OF THE YEAR HONOREE | Powered by: Lengo Strategic Partners
  • Amber Dorsey – Real Estate Entrepreneur | Powered by: Scottie Smith & Associates
  • David Williams – Executive
  • Daisha Board – Creative Entrepreneur | Powered by: Copy Hero AI
  • Millionaire Mindset Podcast – Podcast | Powered by: On The Rocks
  • Lorenzo Zenteno – Public Figure
  • Valese Jones – Publicist | Powered by: Thomas Financial, LLC
  • Rosa Salas – Latina Trailblazer | Powered by: Tres Generaciones Tequila
  •  Benaisha Poole-Watson – Entrepreneur | Powered by: Frost Bank
  • Missy Lynn – Influencer | Powered by: Maker’s Mark
  •  Manifest Your Purpose – E-commerce
  • The Southern Classic – Event Series | Powered by: Swan 7
Lubbock Smith
2023 Community Leader Of The Year
Taylor Symone
2023 Health/Wellness Start Up of the Year
Pasos For Oak Cliff
2023 Non-Profit of the Year
Lonice Stoker
2023 Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year
Mayor Rachel L. Proctor
2023 COSIGN of the Year Honoree
Amber Dorsey
2023 Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year
David Williams
2023 Executive of the Year
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Daisha Board
2023 Creative Entrepreneur of the Year
Millionaire Mindset Podcast
2023 Podcast of the Year
Kevin Kelley
2023 COSIGN of the Year Honoree
Lorenzo Zenteno
2023 Public Figure of the Year
Valese Jones
2023 Publicist of the Year
Rosa Salas
2023 Latina Trailblazer of the Year
Benaisha Poole-Watson
2023 Entrepreneur of the Year - POWERED BY FROST BANK
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Missy Lynn
2023 Influencer of the year - POWERED BY MAKER'S MARK
Manifest Your Purpose
2023 Ecommerce of the Year
The Southern Classic
2023 Event Series of the Year
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A Year of Empowerment, Celebration, and Growth. This year, we didn’t just make waves; we created a tidal wave of impact, inspiration, and community building.

$15,000 in Grants: In our commitment to empower and uplift, we proudly gave away $15,000 in grants through our partnership with Frost Bank and our recent”Bet On Yourself” initiative. These grants were more than just financial support; they were a vote of confidence in the dreams and endeavors of talented entrepreneurs.

Highlighting Hundreds of Entrepreneurs: From the groundbreaking to the up-and-coming, we’ve had the privilege of shining a spotlight on hundreds of entrepreneurs across various industries. Their stories, challenges, and triumphs have become a mosaic that reflects the vibrant spirit of the COSIGN community.

Expanding the COSIGN Awards to Houston: This year, we expanded our celebration of excellence by bringing the COSIGN Awards to the dynamic city of Houston. It wasn’t just an event; it was a testament to the diverse talent and entrepreneurial spirit thriving in every corner of our community.

Hosting Events in Multiple Cities: Our commitment to fostering connections and collaboration knows no bounds. From coast to coast, we hosted events in multiple cities, creating spaces for entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives to come together, network, and celebrate.

Reaching Thousands of Entrepreneurs Online: In the digital realm, our impact knows no boundaries. Through our online platforms, we reached and connected with thousands of entrepreneurs, sharing insights, inspiration, and creating a virtual hub where the COSIGN ethos resonates globally.

As we wrap up this year in review, we express our deepest gratitude to every entrepreneur, partner, and supporter who has been part of the COSIGN journey. Your passion, resilience, and dedication are the driving forces behind the success and impact we’ve achieved together.

Here’s to the COSIGN community—where dreams are celebrated, connections are forged, and excellence is not just recognized but co-signed by all.

Cheers to an incredible year, and here’s to the even brighter chapters that await in the next! If you’re looking to work with COSIGN in 2024 click the button below to learn more!

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