Paloma Diaz Rivas Talks The Art of Negotiating Brand Deals, How To Grow Your Social Media, & Valuable Lessons She Learned From Her Father

Welcome to COSIGN Conversations, where we delve deep into the stories behind the influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs shaping our digital landscape. In this special episode, we sit down with Paloma Diaz Rivas, a multi-talented force in the world of social media and entrepreneurship. Known for her captivating content creation, insightful podcasts, and visionary approach to business, Paloma shares her journey from influencer to newly appointed Chief Creative Officer of La Vida COSIGN. 

Join us as we explore Paloma’s secrets to success, her thoughts on the evolving digital landscape, how much she was paid for her first brand deal, how to grow your social media channel, and her vision for the future of content creation. Get ready for an inspiring conversation packed with wisdom, passion, and plenty of COSIGN-worthy moments. Watch the episode below.

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