6 Reasons You Should Be Stoked for Pemberton Music Festival

Words by: Blake Bekken

Photo Courtesy Pemberton Music Festival Flickr

In honor of Canada Day and Missy Elliott’s Cake Day, Cosign presents to you:

6 reasons you should be stoked for Pemberton Music Festival!

It’s Canada

You’re in the northern half of the Northern Hemisphere deep in the heart of July. Temperatures are higher than you’ve wanted them in the past few weeks, so be excited that you’re going to a cooler climate for a music festival setting. Plus, you’re in Canada—how aggro could you be? There’s nothing to be sorry about. * ahem * cue Canadians

The Valley!

According to weather patterns in the past few years, you will be lucky if you don’t get a little bit of moisture. Embrace the rain, though, because most festival-goers don’t get any sort of precipitation! The Pemberton valley is unique—in that you get all types of conditions; from liquid sunshine, to one-off downpours, to bluebird evenings. Pack appropriately! You will be immersed in a valley—surrounded by towering mountains on each side of the festival grounds.2_Jorge_Alvarez

Missy Elliott

Yes, she has been hiding. Yes, her old bangers have been remixed these past few years. Yes, you will get to see her in the flesh if you’re attending Pemberton. Don’t get too excited, though. That 44-year-old badass will definitely work it on stage. Be scared. Promised to be one of the most hype shows of the weekend.

Hip Hop is Alive

In a time when EDM acts are at the forefront of every major festival’s lineup, Pemberton gives hip hop acts, such as Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Ferg, Spooky Black, Earl Sweatshirt, J. Cole, Run The Jewels, and Yung Lean, the limelight at this year’s festival. Most of these artists are set to play on the main stage this year—paving way for a strong turnout for these artists.


Photo Courtesy Blake Bekken

To Pimp a Butterfly

If Kdot does anything similar to his performance at Sasquatch Music Festival this year, we are not going to hear anything off of his latest (and in my opinion, most thought out) LP to date. The majority of the tracks from that project aren’t fit for a live act. When Kendrick performs, he entertains, and “To Pimp a Butterfly” just doesn’t fall into the “entertainment” category. There is bumbling and speculation amongst the internet crowd that Mr. Lamar brings up pre-planted “crowdmembers” to rap verses of M.A.A.D. City with him. See for yourself by checking out a piece of his Sasquatch Music Festival performance with Payton Renner here:

Ryan Hemsworth

After wrapping up his “Just Rap” tour with fellow producer and good friend Tommy Kruise, Ryan Hemsworth plans to grace Pemberton Music Festival with a performance. Although he is not typically praised within the hip-hop realm, Hemsworth has a serious understanding of records worth playing to a festival crowd. His fast-paced mixing and too-cool-for-this-pokemon-loving persona makes for an interesting (to put it lightly) live performance. Juxtaposing K-pop vocals with Guwop inspired basslines has every crowd questioning their every move. For a taste, check his latest mix:


We at Cosign hope to see you all at Pemberton! If you do make your way there, be sure to say hi to me, staff photographer and reporter, Blake Bekken. Follow me on Instagram at @blzke to keep up on the latest Pemberton everything and be sure to holler at me if you find me roaming around the festival grounds! Cheers!


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