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Podcast:  Black To The Future 

Well, Black Twitter does it again. What started out as a regular meme going viral turned worldwide eyes on Silas and the Jackson, MS native’s new project “The Last Cherry Blossom”. Silas’s hit song “Skrr Skrr” gained viral attention after the wave of Dexter’s Laboratory memes over Twitter featured the song and gaining over 1 million views. I had the chance to talk with Silas about the whole experience and you’ll be surprised: this isn’t his first hit at being both viral and a star. Let’s check out what Jackson’s Hidden Leaf Hokage had to say:


How did you feel/react when the Dexter meme blew up with “Skrr Skrr”?

Silas: I kind of expected it, yet I was grateful for the opportunity it would give me to grow my brand. I knew what the potential of the song was, but I’ve gotten to a place in my career to where I’m thinking ten steps ahead instead of living in the moment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m extremely focused right now. The most important thing is to execute and not take too much time to bask in my glory if you will. I smiled though lol.

Has the viral attention worked out in your favor musically?

Silas: It has worked out tremendously. It’s given me the opportunity to reach an audience that you would usually need a huge budget to capture. Something I definitely won’t take for granted. Exposure as an independent artist doesn’t come easy without major help or funding. Now I have new fans internationally that love my new album in its entirety.

This isn’t your first-time viral attention has brought eyes to you and your music. Tell us about the first time and how that worked for you.

Silas: The first time it happened I was still in college and very inexperienced. I had no idea on how to capitalize on the success of being viral. I missed out on a lot of opportunities by not being action-oriented enough. Thankfully I’ve grown a lot since then and learned from my mistakes. This will officially be the 3rd viral situation I’ve had.

So what are the cons you’ve gotten from any viral attention?

Silas: The cons may be that people typically judge you solely based upon whatever made you go viral and don’t do the necessary research to fully understand who you are as an artist. Luckily, this time that is not the case. I’ve made a ton of new fans that seem to accept me for being me and that’s the most exciting part of this experience.

Do you feel the attention has helped people look at “The Last Cherry Blossom” as a whole?

Silas: Absolutely. A large portion of the feedback I’ve received has been things like “I came for “Skrr Skrr” but ended up loving the entire body of work.” People have gone so far as to download my last project “The Day I Died” that was released in early 2016 as well.


Do you believe viral attention discredits the seriousness you feel about your music?

Silas: In this case not at all. It’s given me the platform time and time again to show people who I am as a creative. This time around I feel I’m fully equipped to make the best of my situation. I’ve been given the opportunity to do what I love on a much larger scale.

What’s next for Silas?

Silas: More of my face everywhere. No, but seriously, I’m looking forward to changing the culture with what I have to offer. I don’t think anyone else is like me or can deliver the message I have in the way I can. What’s next for me is SUCCESS.


Be sure to check out Silas’s new project “The Last Cherry Blossom” out on all streaming platforms and learn more about Silas and his upcoming shows via his site http://www.dear-silas.com/. Hats off to the new Hokage and all his new success.

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