Geli GreaterThan has blessed us with an all new and exclusive track that’s featured on her new project titled Paw Print that will be dropping on Christmas Day! So here’s a little preview on Christmas Eve to hold you over until tomorrow. Check it out!

Plague is an original track, originally written and recorded in early 2013. The concept behind the track is basically foreshadowing an event in the Dallas hip-hop scene similar to the Black Plague that happened in the Middle Ages. A silent, but vicious killer that shows no mercy to its victims, which in this case is the competition. The vibe of the track is very chill. The hook reintroduces the “GreaterThan” brand and how Geli GreaterThan kills all competition. The “ring around the Rosie..” line originates from the Black Plague as well, but also has another meaning in the song. “Come out and play” invites the competitors to come out challenge Geli GreaterThan and her movement. The track was produced by BrainGang X from the well known Dallas hip-hop collective. Enjoy!

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