“To be a fashion icon you have to have style, vision and confidence.” – Taylor Coleman. 

It’s always amazing to meet new designers and gain their perspective on art and fashion. Allow us to introduce you to a new fashion brand taking the industry by storm. Greyt Scott, founded by artist Taylor Coleman combines pop culture with artistic references to form a visual commentary on life in America. Based in Dallas, Taylor created this venture with hopes of balancing art with streetwear elements, and that’s exactly what she did.

“Greyt Scott comes from one of my favorite movies, “Back To The Future” it represents my brand perfectly. Which is a mix of futuristic and vintage elements,” says Taylor. With no formal fashion design training, Taylor credits a lot of her design to being a painter and graphic designer which fashion became the next progression. As a creative, Taylor designs her clothing for fellow creatives, the modern day rockstar, someone who is edgy, confident, and unapologetically cool.

For Taylor, the ultimate goal is to elevate Greyt Scott to a point where she can collaborate with some of the greats which happen to be her favorite designers like Kanye West, Rhuigi Villasenor, and Mike Amiri. “I look up to Kanye the most. He is always pushing for the next thing, he takes risks and never makes an apology for it,” she says.

To date, one of Taylor’s biggest highlight’s for the brand is seeing people in other states like New York wearing her brand. “Honestly to me fashion means a moment in time. Style is the part that I love. Fashion is over quickly, but style is forever. Sure you can wear the latest fashions but if you can’t style it properly, it won’t matter,” she says. 

With Dallas being primarily known as a corporate and sports market, creatives like Taylor want to see Dallas on the Main Stage when it comes to fashion, because like us Taylor believes the talent is here, we just need the platform. “I want to see more of a spotlight on the city. Dallas has so many amazing designers and creators I honestly believe all we need is the spotlight and Dallas could easily be the fashion capital of the south.”

Stay updated with Greyt Scott and Taylor online at www.greytscott.com or on Instagram at @GreytScott.

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