Dallas artist, Jada Arnell releases her latest visual for, “Rain Dance” directed by Stack Moses. We caught up with her to ask her a few questions about the single, current state of R&B, and more. Check it out below.
What emotion do you want to evoke when people hear “Rain Dance” and watch the video?

Rain Dance is a very sexual and sensual song so I definitely want people to just be able to vibe to it. It’s a level of intimacy that you reach with your partner and honestly it could make a man feel like his woman is praising him for knowing her body and it could make a woman feel so in tune with her man. I think music is supposed to reflect life so I think people will go through many emotions and feelings while listening. 

How was it like working with one of Dallas’ legends, Director Stack Moses?

I had an amazing time working with Stack Moses! He was of course very professional and he helped bring the vision to life! Letting us use his space was definitely a plus a well. I’m a huge perfectionist so I asked him could I reshoot and he was very nice about it and wanted to make sure that I loved the final product. He’s such a dope videographer and Director so I’m glad he came on board and helped out! 

How do you feel about the current state of R&B?

I think that R&B is making its way back to the forefront and I want to be apart of that wave. There are so many talented artists out right now and just seeing them do their thing is so inspiring! In my opinion, R&B never left, and artists never stopped making music. I’m just glad that the appreciation for it is circling back around. It’s music that feeds the soul and needs to be heard. 

You’ve performed at a few major events, what has been the greatest moment of your career so far?

I think the greatest moment of my career so far would have to be singing the National Anthem at the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers games. That’s a HUGE platform and doing it in the city that raised me and gave me my start felt so good. Moments like that I’ll never forget. 

Last but not least, who was one of your early adopters/early co-signs that helped catapult you in the music industry?

I think that one of my early co-signers in the industry…honestly, would have to be everyone who supports me. It’s not just one person. It’s all the people who share my posts, who come to my shows and who are extremely huge supporters. What’s better than having family and friends as people who are helping push your music out and being your biggest fans? I appreciate all the support and it NEVER goes unnoticed. 

Follow Jada Arnell on Instagram at @jada.arnell.

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