Here at COSIGN Magazine we highlight entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, and more! Today, we want to touch more on the creative side and highlight some photographers you should know. In honor of International Women’s Day, here are 5 WOMEN photographers that we #COSIGN.

1. Ravie B

Raven B. Varona or “RavieB” (@ravieb), is an L.A. based photographer. RavieB was born and raised in The Bronx, NY, where she found her passion for photography. She started off by capturing concerts and downtown events in New York. Today, RavieB is an esteemed photographer who has worked with brands like Nike, Savage X Fenty, Netflix, and so much more!

2. Jessy J

Jessy J Photo (@jessyjphoto) is a Dallas based photographer. Jessy J is a model turned photographer and loves it! She is a distinguished photographer who has worked on multiple fashion and beauty campaigns with many well-known brands and celebrities.

3. Tanya Wideman

Tanya Wideman (@tanyawidemanphotography) is an Atlanta based photographer. Tanya’s passion for photography started with taking photos of her two children, which gave her fuel to pursue her dreams! Today, Tanya is a published and featured photographer who travels and creates beautiful memories for people to look back on.

4. Isabel Alysa

Isabel (@isabel.alysa) is a Miami based photographer. She teaches women how to pose and find their inner model. She is known for embracing body positivity amongst all of her clients and models!

5. SHOTS by Nik

SHOTS by Nik (@shotsbynik) is an Atlanta based photographer. Nik found her foot in photography through the art of marketing. Her photography business is rooted in helping influencers and entrepreneurs communicate and build their brands. Through intentional and quality work Nik is able to help people create beautiful content that inspires!

6. Sarai Garcia

Sarai Garcia (@file.jpg) is a NYC based photographer. While pursuing a career in styling, Sarai fell in love with photography. She specializes in portrait photography and is also a set designer. Sarai draws her inspiration from her family and her Dominican heritage, and carries that into all of her work!

7. Jasmine Ryland

Jasmine Ryland (@jasmineryland), is a Dallas based photographer. Her photography is centered around helping brands, bloggers, and business owners. Jasmine even has her own candle business which includes hand-poured and intimate candles!

8. J Taylor

J Taylor (@jtaylorstudios), is a digital creator from all over! J Taylor is prominent in Dallas, NYC, and L.A.. J Taylor’s work is centered around recording artists, brands, and influencers. She also provides creative direction and marketing!

9. Briele Chanel

Briele Chanel (@brielechanel), is a Dallas based creative. She is a celebrity videographer and photographer. Through her work, Briele aims to highlight black luxury. She often reaches out to small black owned businesses to aid enhancing their brand image!

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