Have you ever indulged in heated barbershop discussions over sports, music, fashion, and politics? Well imagine the same kind of conversations taking place amongst your peers, at one of Dallas’ premiere venues to consume music, and the topic is musical contributions to hip hop culture by various artists. Now welcome, Hip-Hop Book Club (HHBC) hosted by Good Culture, Acquired Taste, & Social Ghost. 

The inaugural HHBC will take place this Monday at Josey Records from 7:00 -8:30pm. “Josey records has a good reputation in the city, events are presented well, and with the vibes full of music from old to current albums Josey is the perfect venue for HHBC,” says Kenny and T.Lee of Good Culture.

The idea was originally sparked by a Jay-Z record in which Kenny of Good Culture wanted to conduct an in-house learning seminar for hip-hop albums. While exchanging ideas through GroupMe the idea expanded to what we have now, a monthly conversation of hip-hop culture. “We want the attendees to leave with a better understanding, a different outlook and perspective of the way they consume music. We want to paint a picture of how people in Dallas perceive music and give them a deeper introspective look inside the culture,” says Good Culture.

Here are 3 Reasons we #COSIGN Hip-Hop Book Club!

1.) Album: GOOD KID M.A.A.D. CITY
Kendrick Lamar’s, “GOOD KID M.A.A.D. CITY” album can already be considered a classic body of work. The album choice for this first event is genius, because it’s still relevant to draw a diverse demographic of millennials and music lovers of all ages.

2.) Knowledge to gain from conversation
There’s so much knowledge to learn from conversations amongst your peers. We look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions about the album and learning new things about Kendrick Lamar that we previously didn’t know!

3.) Josey Records is an amazing venue for music consumption and networking!
Josey Records is a perfect environment for anything music, especially music conversations. With a plethora of albums, a performance stage, and lounge area to consume music this venue is awesome! Why do you think we hosted our Issue 16 release party at Josey 🙂

Head here for more information on Hip-Hop Book Club.

Last words via Good Culture:
Hip Hop Book Club is a monthly organized discussion on musical contributions to hip hop culture by various artists. It is an event designed to both educate and entertain those who are heavily influenced by the culture, whether it be through music, fashion, entrepreneurship or entertainment. Our motivation in bringing such an event to Dallas is growth. On a global scale, rap music is rapidly changing people’s interpretations of music and language in general. And proudly, on a local scale, Dallas’ rap scene is rapidly fulfilling on the promise that the city’s hip hop pioneers set into motion. In the spirit of this growth, we feel that our city come together and celebrate hip hop culture in a unique manner while sharing and learning unique perspectives on the art.

How many times have you and a friend, or a group of friends, discussed what Kendrick was talking about on the title track “Good Kid M.a.a.D. City,” or what Jay meant on “Imaginary Player” on the “Reasonable Doubt” album? This event gives Dallas hip hop lovers a chance to open discuss their favorite albums, in one of the greatest music venues in Dallas, Josey Records.

This month we will be discussing one of Hip hop’s most recent classics, Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city

The event will be broken down by four focuses/pillars: Influence, Visual, Production and Lyrics

Influence- An open dialogue on societal and musical influences that help shape the album and the minds of those who consumed the album.

Visual – An open discussion on art & film associated with or inspired by the album.

Production – Discussing and understanding the instrumentation that supports the art.

Lyrics – The heart and soul of any album. We’ll discuss pivotal bars throughout various stories.

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