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Win a FREE #CosignCandyShop Crewneck

Read Carefully

Want to win a “FREE” #CosignCandyShop Crewneck??? Well here is how you can do that. Cosign Magazine is in a giving mood and getting ready for its 2013 marketing campaign.

So, all you have to do to win a “FREE” #CosignCandyShop Crewneck is do these 3 things.

1.) LIKE our facebook page and post on our wall who you #COSIGN and why.

2.)Follow us on twitter at @CosignMag and mention us stating who you #COSIGN and why.

3.)Follow us on Instagram @CosignMag

Do these 3 simple things and the person with the dopest reason for #Cosigning somebody will receive a FREE #CosignCandyShop Crewneck courtesy of Cosign Magazine.


Cosign Magazine

We're more than a magazine, we're a brand! Art x Culture x Music x Entrepreneurs x Lifestyle #CosignLife


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