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#LocalLove [EVENT] Wave Of Dallas Cypher Series

Read Carefully


What: #WaveOfDallas is a cypher series created and brought to you all by @jennessy_*. Composed of 5 different groups, the list of rappers contains some familiar names. Each group has their own set date to spit, so there will be a total of 5 installments from this series.

Jen didn’t just stop at picking out local rappers for this; Each group also has a local producer behind their beat, an assigned graphic designer for each groups’ visual, a photographer to capture it all and different DJs to provide the mixes. Showcasing local talent in different avenues, this concept is fresh and just what the city needs.

When: 1st installment kicks off [7.3.15 at 7PM]

Who: Group 4: @Jaysonlyric @Ari_AntiFollow @Yungstonaglyzz @Reccdayungstona @_Gineaux & B. Lew

Where: 1500 Main St.

Group 4

*all @ names are twitter handles

Bry Jones

multi-faceted mami and a hot chocolate mess || @bryjones_


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