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One of the Sexiest Songs to Hit the Internet Today

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Usually, when someone hears of an artist from Atlanta, their go-to thought is “Migos”. I don’t blame them; Migos are the sound of Atlanta right now. Furthermore, a good majority of people think that all of the artists in Atlanta sound the same. Of course, there are some of us that actually can hear the differences in all of these emerging artists, and they actually all do have their unique differences in sound. But one artist in particular, ELHAE, continues to bring the sexy flexy sound out of Atlanta. From the production, the lyrics, and his voice, ELHAE stands out in a city full of stars. Today, ELHAE releases new music, with production help from 2 producers we cosign heavily, J-Louis of Soulection and DrewsThatDude. Check out A.N.O below and download for free!

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