Victoria Elliott: Navigating Success with Grace and Grit


Step into the inspiring journey of Victoria Elliott, a native Texan whose path to success is paved with resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Victoria was immersed in a culture of family values and a passion for achievement from a young age. Her educational journey began at St. Philips and Bishop Lynch High School, where she not only excelled academically but also showcased her athletic prowess in volleyball, track, and her favorite sport, judo, where she achieved the prestigious rank of first-degree black belt and competed on national and international stages.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Victoria’s academic journey led her to Texas Tech University, where she pursued both her BBA and MBA degrees with distinction. Throughout her college years, Victoria immersed herself in campus life, pledging Chi Omega sorority, holding leadership roles in various student organizations, and actively contributing to the vibrant student community. It was during this time that Victoria’s career trajectory took a significant turn, as she found herself drawn to the intersection of academia and professional development while working at the career center of the business school.

This pivotal experience not only honed her skills but also paved the way for a remarkable opportunity with GEICO, where she embarked on a transformative journey that saw her rise through the ranks, lead diverse teams, and make a lasting impact within the organization. In November 2019, Victoria took a bold leap of faith and ventured into entrepreneurship, opening her own office—a testament to her unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. What inspired you to pursue a career in insurance, and what motivates you to excel in this field?

Victoria’s journey into the insurance industry was not driven by a childhood dream but rather by a desire to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. “No one ever grows up and says, ‘I wanna be an insurance agent,'” she reflects. “But what I love about insurance is that it is a service where you help people protect some of the biggest assets that they have—their cars, their homes.”

That’s amazing. Thank you for helping our community. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in your field, and how have you overcome them?

Victoria’s experience at GEICO was marked by a culture of diversity and inclusion, where women were not just present but held positions of leadership and influence. However, she acknowledges the unique challenges faced by women in the industry, particularly in balancing professional aspirations with personal responsibilities. “I will say that the hardest part is finding the right way to be a mom, wife, and owner,” she shares. “It makes me happy to see other women finding ways to come back into the industry even stronger than ever before.”

We love to see it, and it’s awesome to see that GEICO values diversity. How do you approach the challenge of thriving in a competitive marketplace, and what strategies have you found to be most effective?

For Victoria, success is not defined by outdoing others but by continuously improving oneself. “I am always competing with myself; I want to be better than we were yesterday,” she explains. “I truly enjoy watching others succeed and do well; it motivates me to continue to step up my game.”

Could you highlight a significant achievement or project in your career that you’re particularly proud of?

Victoria’s proudest achievement lies not in personal accolades but in the recognition she has received for her community and military outreach efforts. “Being recognized by our corporate team for the work we do with our community and military teams means a lot,” she shares. “It shows me that we can all win, and there is enough success to go around.”

With your extensive experience, what advice would you give to professionals looking to advance their careers in the insurance industry?

Victoria emphasizes the importance of empathy and attentiveness in the insurance industry. “You have to be kind, have work ethic, and get up and go,” she advises. “I can teach you anything else about insurance, but I cannot make you a nice person.”

Can you share a lesson or piece of advice that has guided you throughout your career and contributed to your success as a strategic business leader?

The best piece of advice Victoria has received is to “think like an owner.” “If you were paying the bills in this place, would you leave the lights on?” she muses. “Success can be more like a jungle gym, where sometimes you move laterally or slightly down to get to where you need to be.”

What does success mean to you personally, and how do you measure it in your career or creative pursuits?

For Victoria, success is not a linear path but a journey marked by resilience and growth. “Success can be more like a jungle gym,” she reflects. “Sometimes you are in a winning season, and sometimes you are in a survival season, being able to make it through the laterals, ups, and downs and keep moving is success to me.”

Finally, is there a woman that you currently support and co-sign and would like to publicly give them their flowers? If so, who and why?

Victoria pays tribute to the influential women in her life—her mother, Gloria Brown, her grandmother-in-law, Gayle Burks, and her mentor, Doretha Allen. “Each of these women is my saving grace,” she acknowledges. “They inspire me, encourage me, and guide me with their wisdom and grace.”

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