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Meet Tony Staxx, the mid 20 year old emcee/producer from Forth Worth, Texas who now resides in Dallas. With over 5 years experience in the rap game, Staxx has went from local artist to local contender fighting for the spot he rightfully deserves in the DFW music scene. While most artists follow trends, Staxx is dedicated to producing relatable music that will resonate with his fans and listeners. Fresh off the release of his LORDS project which features GT Garza, Aston Matthews, Royce Rizzy, and Tum Tum, Staxx holds his own on every record. We sat down with Tony Staxx at our COSIGN Media studio to discuss his future plans, who he COSIGN’s, and his favorite collaboration.

Twitter: @FollowTonyStaxx
Instagram: @KingTonyStaxx

K.G.: Where did the name Tony Staxx derive from?
Tony: Tony came from Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. It stands for some of the 3 principles he stood for. Never harm women and children, never cross anybody that doesn’t have it coming to them, and the world is yours. The Staxx part, well I used to be on my money ish, so you know lol

K.G.: Tell us how this project came about and how you linked with 3Fifty7?
Tony Staxx: Me and 3fifty7 linked up through one of my friends DJ Lazy. We actually linked up and did one song that he featured on his project called WAVES and from there he hit me up and asked if I wanted to do a project, I was like hell yeah. lol We started working on it last year. I want people to know LORDS is basically about being under nobody, follow nobody rules but our own, Godly type flow.  LORDS is a story about what I was going through as an adolescent and about becoming who I am now.

K.G.: Was the project solely produced by 3fifty7?
Tony Staxx: He produced the whole project, he got something man.

K.G.: You released the video for “In the Kitchen” what made you choose this is as the lead record?
Tony Staxx: On the cool, 3fifty7 chose it. He chose to put the song out first. I wanted to put out Winnin, but I rode with his decision. I want to shoot Winnin to NBA 2K. Make sure ya’ll check it out.


K.G.: What do you feel like your missing?
Tony Staxx: I’m missing help, I know I have the skills, but I cant do everything on my own.

K.G.: Congratulations on the acting role in the Scotty Atl/CyHi The Prince video. How did that come about?
Tony Staxx: I was at the house and Stack Moses texted me and asked if I was free Friday, he told me about the opportunity and I had to jump on it.

K.G.: Is acting in the future?
Tony Staxx: Hell yea. Stack Moses is John Singleton, I’m Tupac.


K.G.: What is your favorite collaboration on the project?
Tony Staxx: I like all of them but if I had to choose I’d say the one with Royce Rizzy, Fresh Out. I like No Role models as well with Aston Matthews.

K.G.: How did you work on your stage presence?
Tony Staxx: Just came to me natural, I been performaing like this since I was 16 and I rehearse at home.


K.G.: Who in Dallas would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Tony Staxx: Blue, The Misfit, Erykah Badu, Paris P., Fat Pimp, there’s a few other artists but those for sure.

K.G.: Who do you #COSIGN?
Tony Staxx: Solo Lucci, DJ Dufey, Jaio, Woody Mane, Recka, Raw Elementz, Go Yayo, Spud Boom, Cousin Pete, Smoke Dean, OG Beetle Juice, Norm T, K.G., Star, Lyric Le’Velle, Mga-Czar, Jayson Lyric, Chrome Ozone, So4kis, and Stack Moses.



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