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Local Love Event: “The Revolution” Cocktail x Launch Party

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The Revolution Graphic

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Who: Artist, Justin Adu (IG: @Justin_Productions)
What: “The Revolution” Cocktail x Launch Party – A Black History Month celebration, honoring 28 African-American DFW Influencers.
When: 2/25/15 / 6:30-10PM
Where: The Historic Texas Theater / 231 West Jefferson Blvd.

* FREE ADMISSION; tickets here: *

This Launch will just be the beginning of a project that Adu hopes will allow the viewers to not only see how African Americans are viewed in media but also honor the influence of African Americans that positively affect the culture. “My goal is that African Americans will understand the importance of celebrating each other more.” – Adu

Bryana L. Jones
Senior Writer – COSIGN Magazine
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Bry Jones

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