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#MeetTheArtist Kashmir, Bringing the Block Party to Your Living Room

Read Carefully

I became an instant fan of free-lance artist, Kashmir, based out of Atlanta; When I saw her “You So Craaaazy” print set on my timeline. I followed her on Twitter, went to her website to look for more gems and came up on a 90’s treasure chest.


I was reminded of my childhood looking through the Ohio native’s work of poster sets, home decor, apparel and more. She paints (but is definitely not limited to) faceless, nostalgic images from popular Black sitcoms, films and music.

The colors she uses make her work really vibrant and fun. Her pieces call out a certain feeling of happiness, taking you back to the block party days – before you knew the concepts of bills or what it is to make sure that you keep your “Change Oil Filter” light off.

Check out more of + purchase Kash’s work here and stay connected with her on Twitter.

Bry Jones

multi-faceted mami and a hot chocolate mess || @bryjones_


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