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Events We Cosign – These Bars Matter: The Perfect Recipe

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Written By Cameron Tendaji

Being an avid music lover, I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of shows throughout Dallas to satisfy my music palate.  Some left a bitter taste in my mouth and others left my soul well fed. These Bars Matter, an upcoming event November 11th, will be a show that you definitely do not want to miss for there will be an entire spread of delectable sounds and visuals for your senses to enjoy. A perfect recipe if you will.


First, let’s back up.   Last week I was able to sit down with two familiar faces, Tor1n and B.Anderson, to get some exclusive information about this major music event that will be taking place this Sunday at Taboo Lounge.   Tor1n not only developed the concept of These Bars Matter, but also handpicked the performing artists. Taking place on his birthday, it will be a combination concert and day party hosted by K104’s very own Chuck Teez with the Energy.


When both asked who were the most excited to see perform, the answer was unanimous. KAYROE.

“I’m excited to see how audiences respond to her. I want people to see what I’ve been seeing. It’ll be a test of my judge of talent”- Tor1n.

“She’s a bowl of energy!”- B. Anderson


Also during the interview, I found out about family ties between two of the artists featured.



“Breaking news, I recently found out that Matt Swagnew is my cousin”- B. Anderson


So a figurative and literal family. It is encouraging to see such a group of talented individuals who genuinely support one another congregate under the same roof for the sole purpose of creating. For one, it not only disputes the narrative that Dallas does not support their own but it takes the idea one step further, that Dallas artists can also be fans of each other’s work.


“We really are a family, and we can all win together. That’s what I wanted to show”- Tor1n


With a collaboration of this size (6 artists in total), it is critical that artists add a component that completes the recipe to satisfy their audiences.   Here is what we believe each artist brings to the table.

Tor1n– Brings the Intensity. Every time that I have watched Tor1n perform he outdoes himself every time

Matt Swagnew – As his name suggests, he brings the confidence. He has a sophisticated cockiness with his words that works for him.


B. Anderson– Brings the Flow. I could explain, but you could listen for yourself.  The way he raps is almost hypnotic.


Jahn Dough– Brings the Story. I’ve said this many times before.   Jahn Dough’s ability to tell a story is almost second to none.


Kayyroe – According to Torin, this artist brings the “Potential”.   The energy she will bring to the show will be unmatched.


Shun– Brings unconventionality and according to Tor1n, he will help bridge the gap between Dallas and Houston.


So do not miss out and make sure you grab your ticket to These Bars Matter this Sunday!  The Cosign Team will definitely be in the building and so should you!

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