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Complex Magazine | How To Make It: 10 Rules for Success From Street Artists

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Complex Magazine is our main inspiration behind CoSign Magazine. Their creativity, design, content, layouts, interviews, etc are flawless and set a whole new standard in the magazine game. When being a new individual/company in and industry you have to pay your dues and pay homage to those who have done it, and done it well before you. In this feature Complex Magazine displays: 10 Rules for Success From Street Artists!

1- Rule: Don’t be a street artist.
2- Rule: Endlessly explore ways to express yourself.
3- Rule: The journey is the reward.
4- Rule: Dedicate yourself to excellence in everything you create, no matter how big or small the objective.
5- Rule: Feed your fans.
6- Rule: Try to break the rules as often as possible.
7- Rule: Just do it!
8- Rule: Don’t be shy.
9- Rule: Get up as much as possible.
10- Rule: Evolve.

For the full editorial click this link. Complex Magazine

By: Cedar Pasori of Complex Magazine

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