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Cosign Video Premiere: Jarvis Hodges – “Chad Butler” | (@JarvisHodges)

Cosign Video Premiere: Jarvis Hodges – “Chad Butler”

Cosign Magazine is proud to release the world premiere of Jarvis Hodges new video, “Chad Butler” which was directed by Robert Yu. In an unreleased interview with Hodges he stated, “I’ve been working very hard on my visuals. My visuals are going to be different, like on some movie ish!” Young Jarvis Hodges recently performed at our #TheWatch artist showcase and was one of the highlighted performers of the evening. He performed a few records such as, “Numbers Don’t Lie” and the video you’re about to see, “Chad Butler.” Peep the video below and you’ll see one reason why we #Cosign the 19 year old emcee! #CosignLife – @COSIGN_KG aka El Jefe.

Chad Butler from Jarvis Hodges on Vimeo.

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