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Book of Levels: Chapter 3 – All Love Lost Tour Vlog | @LyricLeVelle

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Weeks removed from the “All Love Lost Tour” with Joe Budden’s Lyric Le’Velle returns with “Book of Levels: Chapter 3” which recaps his time on tour. Le’Velle is also fresh off his first official SXSW show in which he murdered the #FreshPicks stage. Check out Le’Velle’s vlog below to see why he’s been #COSIGNed by some of the best, such as Leon Bridges and Joe Budden. #COSIGNLife

Twitter: @LyricLeVelle
Instagram: @LyricLeVelle

K.G. Graham

GOD | Family | COSIGN.... in that order. Building a global media and marketing empire. #COSIGNLife


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