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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet the 2 Women Behind Game Plan Dallas | COSIGN 105# of 1K

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Name: Destiny Johnson & Melonee Scruggs
Company: Game Plan Dallas
Title: Founders, Owners, & Hosts
Instagram: @GamePlanDFW
Location: Mobile (We travel to you. Yes, even out of state)
Favorite Quote: “Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it.
But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment and it comes with plenty of failure along the
way” – Barack Obama

Meet Destiny Johnson and Melonee Scruggs, Foudners of Game Plan Dallas. Game Plan Dallas is a mobile business composed of two Game Night hosts that customize games for events, such as Baby Showers, Adult Game Nights, Birthdays, Wedding Parties,Team Building and more. “We travel to you to provide these services, and if you don’t have an event location, we could provide one. We know that everyone has attended or hosted a game night, but our job is to introduce you to the new way to party in Dallas,” says Destiny.

We had the opportunity to chat with Destiny and Melonee about how they created Game Plan Dallas, their goals, and what’s next for the company. Check out the interview below.

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? If you’re not doing that, what do you think

As I kid, Destiny wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of young children
and make learning enjoyable for them. Currently, Destiny is teaching 1st grade students, while also
bringing that same excitement to adults when introducing them to new games.
Since high school, Melonee has been interested in graphic design and marketing. She has been blessed
to be able to find opportunities and jobs that allowed her to stay in this creative field. She showcases her
creativity and business savvy mind side in her role in Game Plan Dallas.

What made you guys want to create Game Plan Dallas?

The thought of starting a game night hosting business began during our recent cruise trip to Cozumel,
Mexico in June 2018. Destiny is known to bring her duffel bag full of games everywhere she goes, so this
trip wasn’t any different.

During our trip, there were a couple of nights where we invited some of our new cruise friends to join us
for some games. Because of the turnout, we joked that we should start a business hosting games. Once
we returned back from the trip, we decided to turn our joke into a reality. After all, having game nights are
what we love to do, and we’d be doing it since we were freshmen in college.
If an up and coming entrepreneur wanted to follow your footsteps, what was your blueprint to
launching/creating Game Plan Dallas?

If an up and coming entrepreneur wanted to follow in our footsteps, we would say our blueprint for
creating Game Plan Dallas was just taking something that we already do and love and sharing that with
other people, even though it’s different.

Tell us about your company and what differentiates you from your competitors?

Our company is very unique because there isn’t another one out there that delivers what we do. Everyone
has been to or hosted a game night, but they’ve never experienced one on the level that we provide.
Aside from bringing games to parties, we also create photo stations, customized Snapchat filters, party
bags, and more.

As much as we love success stories, can you tell us some of your pain points as an entrepreneur and
how you overcame them?

Our pain points so far has been getting our name out to the public and balancing both our full-time jobs.
Destiny is a 1st Grade Teacher for Denton ISD, and Melonee is a Marketing Project Manager for a local
community college. Since our brand is a unique idea, we want to expose ourselves as much as possible
to expand our reach.So far, we are taking the steps to accomplish this goal by stepping out of our comfort
zones and attending different networking events, speaking to random people we meet during passing
about our business, and posting on social media.

We believe the Power of a #COSIGN is real. Can you tell us how a #COSIGN has impacted your
business. Whether it’s been through word of mouth? An influencer #COSIGN or friend?

We’ve had several people pass our information along through word of mouth, handing out our business
cards, sharing our story in their articles, and also sharing our posts on social media. These cosigns have
impacted our business by providing us with an outlet to get our business name out there, while also
helping us network with other businesses.

COSIGN Media specializes in increasing a company’s digital presence, can you tell us a few things you did early in your business to market your brand?

When we were in the early stages of our business, we went to several different networking events around
the DFW area to market ourselves. We also boosted a few social media posts to widen our reach.
If a stranger asked a co-worker or friend about you, what do you think they would say?
If a stranger asked a coworker or friend about Destiny or Melonee, they would probably say that Destiny
is the life of the party with her bubbly personality, and Melonee is a chameleon because her personality
and energy vibes with the rest of the room. Both of these personalities mixed together is the reason why
they are called the “Ying Yang Twins”.

Where do you see your company a year from now?

A year from now, we see our company thriving. We see parties being booked for any and every occasion,
social media buzz, being on talk shows (see you soon Ellen) , and being a major part of Dallas nightlife.

Last but not least, who do you #COSIGN and why?

Michele Washington @lemonadelounge for providing the perfect venue for our events.
Jacoby Williams @blame_studios, for capturing great footage during our events.
Malajah Nixon @lajah__, for capturing great footage during our events.
Ebon Bush @tj_gap for capturing great footage during our events.
Antoine White @ybe_networking_group, for helping us get connected with other entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs @networkingknights.
Naima Moore Events @naimamooreevents, for including us in her event planning.
Celeste Louise @slayyyleste, we enjoy her positive podcast
Voyage Magazine @voyagedallas, for supporting us during our journey
Samiya @glamiya_, for her beautiful makeup work

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