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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Ronsanto Cole, Serial Entrepreneur | COSIGN #130 of 1K

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Name: Ronsanto Cole

Instagram: @santoworld


Favorite Quote: “If you think lack you get lack, If you think abundance you get abundance!” – Unknown But I really see it as being that simple….

Ronsanto Cole is an established entrepreneur, involved in numerous business ventures. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1988, he overcame many trials and tribulations that made him the success he is today. At the age 31 Ronsanto’s current focus is building “Santoworld”, his parent company, into a business powerhouse. The latest development the business conglomerate has set its sites on is the trucking world. Ronsanto launched a logistics company “RH Cole Logistics” at the end of 2019 and plans on purchasing and having trucks on the road in 2020. The entrepreneurial journey for Ronsanto started in 2014 with his first business venture being a clothing line, Favor Ain’t Fair Clothing. At the end of 2015 his commercial janitorial company, Pure Elegance Cleaning, had it’s grand opening. Ronsanto began to see notable success in 2017, being featured in a number of hip hop and fashion magazines, as well participating in numerous fashion shows. Currently, he is frequently requested For speaking engagements such as event panels and podcasts regarding his business expertise. Not only does he have a keen business sense, but he is also involved in numerous philanthropy projects including; giving back to his community, mentoring at risk youth, and spending time helping reintegrate the homeless into society. While being an entrepreneur is time consuming he takes great joy in raising his daughter and son.

Everyone has a unique story, what would you say is yours?

I would say the unique thing about my story was that I never gave up on my dream of being an entrepreneur even at my very lowest point. I’ve been through everything from mental breakdowns to constantly being in trouble with the law and even getting up from my death bed after being shot in the chest close-range at 20 years old. In the midst of the turmoil, I still had the belief that I would come out on top and transform to my much expected potential.

Wow, we didn’t know that. Salute to you for pushing through. Growing up did you always want to be an entrepreneur? If not, what did you want to be and why didn’t you pursue it?

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur of some sort even when I had plans on being a professional athlete or a sports agent. I always knew I wanted to own businesses. One of my first entrepreneurial endeavors was selling burnt mixed CDs in Junior High School, I collected playlists from classmates and would sell them a list of their songs on burnt CDs

I did the same thing in high school, we’re natural born hustlers. What was the defining moment or spark that inspired you to step into entrepreneurship and create your business?

I started waking up everyday and the first thought that came to my mind was “life doesn’t have to be like this!” I just felt like I wanted more control of my life. I just realized that betting on myself was the best chance I had a getting a create the life I deserve.

After coming to this realization, what immediate steps did you take to start bringing your vision to life?

Research, research, research! I actually started looking for a business quickly and starting generating revenue quickly. Most businesses you have to wait a while before you start generating enough revenue to replace your current income. I was very particular about my first business being one that could change my situation quickly, which is how I chose a commercial janitorial company.

What was the specific void or opportunity you saw that inspired the idea behind your company?

With my parent company, “Santoworld,” I recognized there are a lot of up coming entrepreneurs. Although they have the will and driver to own a company; getting started with functions like business structure, funding, human resources, etc. was an area I could help with.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Freedom, control, and ownership. Complete dominance over my destiny.

Can you discuss the most difficult part of your journey thus far?

So far it’s just the amount of work I have to get done on my own. I’m my own secretary, my own assistant, my own sales team, etc. I just never had a personal relationship with someone to bring my entrepreneurial issues to. But this is the reason I read and research sooooo much. Now, I’m beginning to build my team and keep the right people around me.

What is one memory that you have that you reflect back to when entrepreneurship tests you?

I lost a lot of money. Losing money in the beginning probably would have put other people in the position to quit or give up. It even cost my brother and my friends time and money. What I learned from the entire experience actually propelled me in the long run as an entrepreneur. After that experience I ended up doing six figures in the next thirteen months.

If you could ask one question to your business idol what would you ask and who would you ask?

I would ask Daymond John what is the most important aspect of team building and balancing so many business ventures?

Last but not least, name 5 people you #COSIGN along with their Instagram handle.

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