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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Dessie Brown, Lifestyle Marketing Influencer at LD Unlimited Marketing | COSIGN #68 of 1K

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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Dessie Brown, Lifestyle Marketing Influencer at LD Unlimited Marketing | COSIGN #68 of 1K

“I’m a connector and I amplify people, places, events and products. I feel like that’s what Diddy does. He’s not necessarily making the beat, rapping on record, making the clothes, producing the vodka or filming the TV shows, but he is bringing it together and amplifying everything. I want people to think of me and my brand the same way. Once people hear that I’m involved in a project, I want people to understand that it’s on point and guaranteed to win.”

Meet Dessie Brown Jr.
Instagram: @youknowdessie

Not only is Dessie Brown a Lifestyle Marketing Influencer but, he’s a successful Entrepreneur and manager of rising R&B star Keith Jacobs. Growing up in Greenville, TX he always wanted to own his own business, but wasn’t quite sure doing what. “As I got older it was always about owning multiple businesses around the country and world. My parents instilled Godly principles, work ethic and also imagination in me. One of my favorite books was “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. My parents have always been supportive of my dreams and pushed me to go out and to explore life,” he says. Being a fan of music, sports, and cartoons would grow his interests in business. “I started to get into entrepreneurship early and would buy music, sports cards and jerseys and would either sell or trade them with my friends. I still have most of that stuff boxed up at my parent’s house.”

With an amazing list of clients which includes Super Bowl Champion Martellus Bennett one wouldn’t know his career in entertainment begun years ago producing music for Dallas legends, Mr Pookie and Mr. Lucci. From there he managed to garner an internship at Sony-BMG through DeLano Washington which would then lead to a job with Atlanta based publication Grip Magazine. Shortly after, Dessie would end up working with one of his idols Tom Joyner as his assistant at Reach Media.

Inspired by Diddy amongst other entrepreneurs, such as Dame Dash, Russell Simmons, Richard Branson, Tom Joyner, Steve Stout, William Wesley, Kennard McGuire, Brian Tracy and more.
Dessie learned the importance of having more than one hustle and excelling in multiple fields. His biggest struggle in entrepreneurship, is quite popular for young business owners. “It has been staying faithful and knowing that God’s timing isn’t my timing. Sometimes you look around and it seems as though people are passing you by, but you have to remember that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. You also have to realize that the #bowwowchallenge is real too! Social media will have you thinking everybody making a million dollars.”

So how does Dessie deal with adversity and stay grounded? “I deal with adversity by praying and staying faithful,” he says. “It can be frustrating when you’re pitching for business and working hard and ultimately don’t get the contract, but I just know that whatever is for me is for me. No one else will get what has my name on it.

As a business owner Dessie values his accomplishments all the same. “They’re all big when you consider yourself an entrepreneur. Taking an idea and making it a successful event is always rewarding, just like taking an artist like Keith Jacobs and getting him on Revolt and charting on iTunes is as well. I just want to make an impact on people’s lives. It’s also great knowing that I’m a part of the extended COSIGN family as well. I helped KG throw the first ever magazine release party years ago. It’s amazing to see how much it’s grown over the years,” he says.

Within the next few years Dessie plans to develop show concepts for television and expand his personal brand by participating in more speaking engagements. He’ll still be operating his marketing, management and event companies all while venturing into new business opportunities. And as stressful as all this sounds, success to Dessie is simple. “Success to me is living comfortable and providing for my family. I love to travel and operate on my own schedule. Work/Life balance is really important to me so I work hard now in order to relax later.” And with a successful career ahead of him, Dessie states his legacy will precede him. “I want my legacy to be in my children, their children and their children’s children. I want my name to hold weight and provide opportunities for years to come. If your last name is Kennedy, Bush, Rockefeller, Ford, etc. you automatically have a certain amount of opportunities the moment you’re born. I want my name to be the same way. I want to look down from Heaven years from now and see my great, great, great grandson whipping the foreign off some ish I did in 2025! LOL

We #COSIGN Dessie Brown for running a successful and honest business in a field full of sharks. From music to marketing Dessie is a staple when it comes to the Dallas entertainment industry.

Who does Dessie Brown #COSIGN?

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