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1,000 COSIGN’S: Meet Brandon Maurice: Style Consultant & Designer | COSIGN #67 of 1K

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Brandon Maurice grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey. With a mother who was into photography and a father in fashion, his creativity sparked quickly. He knew photography and fashion was going to stay with him, so he started to get involved in independent projects.

Brandon’s first steps in New York City was the commencement of his career. Through internships at small fashion companies, he knew that outside of those morning coffee runs he’d “[make] sure [he] was going to influence the brand in some way.” From interning to devising his own brand, he began offering his ideas and assistances to other establishments which ultimately lead him to developing his personal brand based on his top influencers- Eugene Tong and Nick Wooster. Brandon has become a social media face and influencer for popular brands like Timex, K-Swiss and Coach, which he sees as one of his biggest accomplishments so far.

Using social media as a “mini-portfolio” has been crucial in helping him reach the audience to reach those accomplishments, but what sets Brandon apart from others in his industry is his youth and eagerness to push influence, change and diversity. During his casting calls, Brandon is sure to closely select his models to ensure he is pushing that image of modern masculinity and diversity.

His decision to move from his position at a global company for a Brooklyn startup was a definite leap of faith which has taught him a lot; like trusting every decision he made without second-guessing anything and realizing that every situation must be handled differently. With the support he receives from his awesome girlfriend, family, friends and work help him achieve that happiness in success.

In the next five years, Brandon hopes to still wake up going to do what he loves, without it feeling like work. He will continue expanding his brand and his work in consulting, styling and creating. He will also be giving back to the community and showing young black and brown boys and girls, “that they can do whatever they want and nothing is out of reach.” Brandon is creating his legacy- to be remembered for how he did it versus what he did.

We #COSIGN Brandon for sharing his creativity with the world and inspiring the youth that anything is possible.

Who does Brandon #COSIGN?

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