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1,000 COSIGNs: Meet Andrew Fennell, Photographer & Art Director | COSIGN #30 of 1K

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Andrew Fennell
Photographer & Art Director


Andrew Fennell is a New York city born and raised Photographer/Art Director who has worked with some of the most popular entertainers in the industry. Growing up in NYC Andrew believes his surroundings play a tremendous role in his craft. “I feel like New York has given my images a slight edginess,” he says.

As an adolescent, art and photography weren’t always his dreams and passion. He had another career in mind. “As a child I really didn’t do much art, but I do remember being obsessed with Legos. Creating and building houses and whole cities. I actually wanted to be an architect when I was younger.” 

With no formal school training Andrew has managed to become a self-taught photographer which should inspire others to not make excuses. “Everything I’ve learned in photography has been a combination of trial and error, YouTube tutorials and watching or shadowing other photographers. I’ve had no formal schooling.” In today’s society it is true that you can literally learn anything on the internet.

But why did Andrew choose photography as his form of expression? “I love the fact that I’m able to take people out of their comfort zone and capture a moment in time that will never happen again,” he says.

With an impressive resume we were eager to find out what has been Andrew’s greatest accomplishment to date. “Not to get too deep, but I think the greatest accomplishment is living in NYC and doing what I love. It’s not easy making photography a business.” 

There’s a famous saying that applies to photography,”If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Although, photography has become oversaturated there’s only a handful of professional photographers that sleep, breathe, and eat photography. Andrew happens to have great advice for his fellow visual artists. “Only do this if you love it. Don’t do it for any other reasons because love of the craft is the only thing that will keep you going thru the ups and downs .. oh and good light is everything.”

At the end of summer 2017 Andrew will be conducting his first solo gallery show based on Harlem in the 70s and blaxploitation. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work and upcoming art show.

We #COSIGN Andrew Fennell for being an amazing photographer and the epitome of a dream chaser. Becoming a self-taught photographer and managing to make a career out of it shows us his will and determination to be successful.

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