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Being a local artist in a heavily populated city, with a cacophony of sounds, can force one into believing their voices cannot be heard through the noise. They all have that feeling of excitement while battling intimidation as they take those first steps on a long journey of following their dreams to possible stardom. They know that it will not be easy, that doors will be slammed in their faces, and that hearing the word “no” will become second nature. While traveling through the vast music industry, only a lucky few are able to successfully complete their pilgrimage, while others become lost along the way. Having talent is only a tenth of the battle (sometimes, none of the battle), because connections must be made, meticulous knowledge of the music industry must be acquired, and most importantly the ability to be in the right place at the right time. So how does one prevent from becoming lost? To quote Xscape, “Who Can I Run To?”. Well, meet your travel guides…. Premier Live Experience.  Sounds fancy doesn’t it?


If you find that you’re asking yourself “What Is Premier Live”, you are doing yourself an injustice. Not only have they been providing local artists with the platforms they need to propel themselves to the next level, but they throw dope live events as well.  Founder Lorenzo Zenteno has taken the city by storm for the past 4 years by creating a variety of events that emphasize not only musical performance but also networking, and access! This is a crucial piece to the puzzle.

Founder Lorenzo Zenteno began as his long career as a recording artist. Even today he is still front and center.




The genesis of Premier Live originated from Lorenzo’s frustration of not having gigs.  He would then decide to make his own opportunities.  Lorenzo began throwing his own events that would be sold-out shows.  The first big show was with Joe Budden, which is what opened the floodgates.  In 2016, Premier Live was then born.  When asked what sets Premier Live apart from other promotional companies, Lorenzo stated, “A lot of promoters have never been on the front lines.  I have been an artist, a show-runner,  and a promoter.  We understand all aspects because we’ve been in the trenches.”  Although Lorenzo has worked with mainstream artists such as The Game, Nipsey Hustle, Royce da 5’9, and DMX……The main purpose of the company is to create a roadmap and opportunities for independent artists.




Opportunities Indeed!  I had the pleasure of attending their last event “Are You The One?” at the House of Blues.  Dallas artists not only had the chance to perform at a very exclusive venue but a cash prize of $1000 was up for grabs.  When asked does it take to be successful as an artist, Lorenzo stated 3 things:  consistency, perseverance, and timing.

We also had talked about the importance of having “equity” as an artist.

“You have to ask yourself, what do you bring to the table that makes somebody want to invest in you.  What is your work ethic?  Are you professional? Can you show up on time?  It takes much more than talent.  You need the It Factor.  Can you command attention?  Can you make any audience that you perform for YOUR audience, even if they didn’t come to see you?  That’s what we look for!”‘- Lorenzo Zenteno


Premier Live is also heavily involved in the community with their “Premier Wishes” campaign in which they grant wishes to people with life-threatening conditions or who are disabled.  In one particular story that I found touching, was a young man that was unable to speak due to his medical illness but happened to be a huge fan of UGK.  The team at Premier Live granted him that wish to meet Bun B.

A UGK fan being granted their wish by Premier Wishes


Last year they raised over $20,000 for those affected by Hurricane Harvey by throwing a benefit concert with artists that wanted to help make a difference, they have done toy drives, and also conduct year-round public speaking classes for children to help increase skill and confidence.  If you would like to nominate someone for their wish to be granted please click here. 


With all that Premier Live has accomplished you would think they would be complacent, but this is not the case.  Plans are in order to develop internal teams to further expand their brand to become the number 1 talent brand/promotion agency in the country.  I personally could see it.  With the influence and connections they have combined with the knowledge of over 15 years in the industry, Premier Live will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.  If the conversation I had with the founders had taught me anything is that, if nobody will open the door for you knock it down.


Be on the look out for their next shows with Royce Da 5’9 and A Boogie With The Hoodie in July and August!  Purchase Tickets Here and Check Out Their Website!     

Upcoming show at Trees July 29th!

Follow them on IG @premierlive_exp 

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