“ShadeVSations” is a podcast that literally started from the basis of friendship. Creator of “ShadeVSations,” Darien says, “It was something that we always talked about doing and then I just pulled the trigger one day. I was bored.” From there, the “ShadeVSations Podcast” grew to what we know it as today. The podcast didn’t take much to get going as the band of friends always had these intimate yet hilarious takes on life, society, culture, and the list goes on. “ShadeVSations Podcast” is a Dallas-based show created in 2018 and even though there’s a lot of fun had during their recordings, all wasn’t pretty at the start.

Finding their voice was a key focus for the “ShadeVSations Podcast” team as 10-plus years of friendship doesn’t always equate quality content. Increasing the entertainment value via the art of sound was the strike of gold for the team, and was the piece that truly brought the show to its production value we now hear. One other important aspect of the show is friendship. The show’s co-host, Stephone Coward, said, “Because we have that longstanding friendship, we built a rapport with each other … we definitely think differently, but at the same time we kinda know what each is saying, so we know how to feed off each other.” 

Keeping the show organic and witty is the intention but most importantly for the “ShadeVSations Podcast” team staying grounded in quality content and friendship is the glue that will keep their conversations going. 

Find this editorial in issue 26 of COSIGN Magazine which can be purchased below.

Issue 26 | Watch The Throne


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