“ShadeVSations” is a podcast that literally started from the basis of friendship. Creator of “ShadeVSations,” Darien says, “It was something that we always talked about doing and then I just pulled the trigger one day. I was bored.” From there, the “ShadeVSations Podcast” grew to what we know it as today. The podcast didn’t take […]

COSIGN Life: We Want Moore In Dallas

Brandon Moore, MooreInDallas, & #YouInDallas Brandon Moore has quite the unique story as a young yet seasoned entrepreneur. From his early time in undergrad, even dating back to high school, Moore always seemed to be attracted to the art of social influence and entrepreneurship. Brandon has launched multiple brands, hosted a plethora of events, worked […]

COSIGN Life: Meet Sway Media & Leigh Dow

Diverse in risk and experience, Sway Media’s very own Leigh Dow has a uniquely fascinating trajectory into the world of media. Sway Media is an exclusive global lifestyle and entertainment company of internationally acclaimed talent, taste makers, brand ambassadors, trendsetters and influencers. Founded by the award-winning marketing team of 48 West Agency, Sway Media enables […]

A Tale of Two Stories: Young Ezee and Natalie Odell

There are many adjectives that best describe two of YouTube’s hottest Content Creators, but there’s no word more accurate than “Dynamic.” Young Ezee and Natalie Odell have been on an amazing journey the last 3 years since joining forces in Los Angeles while creating content, breaking barriers in the creative industry, and organically growing their […]

COSIGN Magazine Interview w/ Young Bae from Black Ink Crew NYC

“Work Hard. Pray Hard.” Those are the words from Black Ink Crew New York’s very own, Young Bae! COSIGN Magazine had the privilege to sit down and chop it up with Bae about all that she has going on from tv, fashion, entrepreneurship, and Motherhood. Bae has been a lead cast member for the past […]

The Funk That Is Joshua Cruz

Urban pop artist, Joshua Cruz, hits us with another groove infused track, “2 Step Baby,” featuring emerging rapper, Dabron Kain. Produced by Shorne “2SC” Callahan (who’s worked with Tom G, Akafool and Anthony Ortiz), the beat is soulful, sensual and all around funky. Dabron Kain delivers a tongue-in-cheek rap performance filled with quotable one-liners, matching […]


It is officially gala & award season and here at COSIGN Magazine we are happy to share it with the biggest African music awards festival in the DFW Metroplex which will begin its weekend-long annual commemoration of African music and culture on Friday, Oct. 25 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library Auditorium in downtown […]

7 Ways to Win Fall This Year

If you’re anything like me, that means your favorite time of the year has arrived! All things dope tend to “fall” during this juncture of the year. Bonfires. S’mores. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Scorpios (just kidding). Basically, there’s much to offer during this season and you tend to find yourself outside less or more looking for things […]

Take Your Time: This “Tew” Much

“We all love new music but lately, it seems as though some of our favorite artists are dropping projects back to back. But the question is, is that really necessary? Is the demand for music sacrificing the quality of sound we have available?” I read a tweet that said there hasn’t been an album that […]

DreamCon Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPT 15, 2019 DREAM CONFERENCE LAUNCHES IN DALLAS  SEPT 26TH-29TH, BRINGING TOGETHER SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN URBAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP  The new conference makes its debut with four days of events featuring 30+ speakers, panels, workshops, networking mixers and a gala/fashion show all in one weekend!   (DALLAS, TX – AUGUST; source: […]

COSIGN Premiere: Angel Cintron– Riding Waves (Music Video)

Here at COSIGN Magazine, we’re all about keeping you informed about what’s going on in the region! That’s why we’re excited to Premiere the music video for rising star, Angel Cintron and her new song “Riding Waves”. San Antonio, Texas has a Superstar on the rise and her name is Angel Cintron. Teaming up with […]