Four years of music, fashion, and art pressed and bound on pages by the unrivaled Cosign Magazine squad, was celebrated this past Sunday at one of the hippest venues North-West of Dallas. The overly spacious and exhibit styled Gas Monkey Live, quartered numerous supporters of the swag mag ultimately known for spreading local love and showcasing unexposed talent. The four hour shebang popped off mid evening with insanely yet genius opening acts that left guests clinging onto the edge of their seats.

While the audience witnessed the phenomenal production from stage view, respectfully due to runway producer extraordinaire, Willie Johnson; I literally stumbled across the face of beautiful madness backstage as I attempted to high-jack a five minute interview with each designer. Swinging clothes racks, garment steaming, last minute fittings, and a lot of sweat minus the blood and tears more like makeup smears, is merely a small glare of the shows’ behind the scenes action.

The designer lineup for the evening: Asherah Swimwear, Commecci, Shoreditch, Black Kaviar, Hazel, Point Zero, and La-Zay Fair boutique geared up for the limelight. Out of the seven collections I rolled the dice and scored four exclusive interviews with the creators responsible for over one hundred dope threads.

Up first, Commecci, the thirteen piece collection colored with red, black, nude and snake printed fabrics, queened the concept of transitional lingerie. These sexy, daring little numbers definitely require a certain level of risqué, if you’re a prude in and out of the bedroom, check out these gems to up the ante. Pieces are available in sizes 0-16 for all of my beautiful bodied women.

Asherah Swimwear, the freshman line that graduated early, previewed a special “Goddess of the Sea” collection that was handmade specifically for the show. Twelve customized swimsuits in an array of metallic blue colors, soft prints, rhinestone embellishments, and detachable seashell inspired petals were like pieces of heaven on earth. Sadly, these one-of-kind treasures are not available for purchase; however stay tuned for Asherah’s upcoming AW15 collection.

Power tripping during Champagne toasts laced with Black Kaviar is the “we made it out of the hood dream” in the hip hop and urban community. The unisex brand, worn by the great Kanye West, symbolizes couture street wear focalizing on point layering and systematic details that evoke a sense of high and upbeat energy. Fifty plus curated looks of floral patterned cross functional tee shirts, over black strategically stitched trousers, under oversized suede and leather combination, fur collared coats fired up the runway. Internationally known, Black Kaviar is exclusively sold through One Street Sales and across the globe.

Samiya Akram, a true sweetheart and owner of La-Zay Fair online boutique, selected fifteen day to night looks with a city chic appeal. Priding themselves in offering staples based on individuality, La-Zay Fair carries a unique blend of maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and mini dresses with sizes ranging from small to 3X. My favorite piece, currently in stock, is there black, v-cut, cape mini dress, I highly recommend you grab one on-line or contact the owner to schedule a personal fitting.

Well cosigners, that’s a wrap on the runway recap! Special mentions go out to the hosts J. Copeland of Guns and Roses Boutique and Misty Romano, all of the incredible models, and the tireless assistants for making a memorable Cosign Experience. Happy Anniversary!


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(all photos shot by: Fitz Crittle)

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