COSIGN Travel – 4 Excuses to Get Out of Town – September 2019

Fall is upon us, and in many cases, it’s what’s called “Shoulder Season,” where crowds aren’t as large and the prices are lower than peak, without the closures you may see in off-season.  The kids are in school, so leave their grandparents in charge and get out of town. (Just a joke, that would be […]

COSIGN DJ SPOTLIGHT: Meet Torre “Dj Swavor” Doty

Cameron:  Well first off, let me say welcome to the Cosign Family and thank you for having this sit down with me.  Tell us about yourself. A little about your upbringing and what got you into Djing.       Swavor:  My name is Torre Doty aka DJ Swavor.  I am born and raised in […]

COSIGN Travel – Five Bucket List College Football Destinations

Words by: Chris Panayiotou | @CPLocalCeleb With the National Championship on Monday, it seemed like the opportune time to look at the events across the country and within the College Football world. These games are great excuses for you to hop on a plane or road trip it to different parts of the country. These […]

Best Surprise Albums of 2018 (Albums We COSIGN)

Written by LaZedrick Blackshire | @blusatire 2018 might have been one of the greatest years in music in a long time. I haven’t been this excited about the music game since the end of 2013-2016. Those dates are when the mixtape era started to die down and people started putting that same energy into their […]

COSIGN Travel: 12 Hours in Munich

Words and Photos by: Chris Panayiotou | @CPLocalCeleb On a recent trip to visit family in Cyprus, I had a pair of 12-hour layovers, one on the way there, in Vienna, Austria, that I wrote about in COSIGN issue XXIV and one on the way back, in Munich, Germany. The biggest difference was that Munich […]

Building Tekeen Premium Wine Cocktail: The Blueprint According To Priscilla Padilla

The Blueprint According To Priscilla Padilla Words By: Chris Panayiotou Photos By: Ian Ribail | @ir_shoots  (Priscilla is featured in Issue 23 of COSIGN, The Blueprint Issue which can be purchased here.) In speaking to Priscilla Padilla, the founder of Tekeen Premium Wine Cocktails, it makes me realize that we could be doing way more, […]

COSIGN Travel: GTFOH! I mean, really … And this is how to do it affordably.

GTFOH! I mean, really … And this is how to do it affordably. By: Chris Panayiotou If your 2018 resolutions include “Traveling more,” make it happen before Trump shuts down more countries. For a bit toward the end of 2017, getting a passport (admittedly not a big accomplishment, unless you’ve owed back child support) was […]

Your Dollar is a COSIGN

Your Dollar is a COSIGN By: Chris Panayiotou | @CPLocalCeleb        I’ve been thinking lately about how I vote with my money. This is nothing groundbreaking, I just start thinking about things sometimes and here we are.  This concept is old, and we all do it, but perhaps not consciously, but your dollar is […]

Kendrick, Trump and College Football: Epic On And Off The Field

While COSIGN Magazine doesn’t cover sports X’s and O’s, the College Football National Championship was part of the culture last night.  While the game in Atlanta ended in epic fashion in overtime (with a result I’m disappointed in), the inaugural halftime show featured a memorable hip-hop performance and the pregame festivities, a not-so-memorable appearance. While promoted […]

A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 4 & 5 #A3C2016

#A3C2016 – Day 4             Saturday, day four, was by far the busiest. The energy was different because this was the climax of the festival. The biggest names from yester year were set to tear down the festival grounds stage, representing 1996. But I had a few stops first. I began at noon at the […]

A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 3 #A3C2016 – Too $hort

Friday was day three of A3C, and featured perhaps my most anticipated event of the entire festival, the “A3Conversation w/ Too $hort – The Bay Area: Now and Then.” Like many of the attendees, I grew up listening to Too $hort, far before I probably should have been. I believe my first Too $hort tape, […]

A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 2 #A3C2016

Early mornings following late nights, especially those that may or may not have included alcohol consumption, tend to be the roughest. But as a veteran of festival weekends, I was up and well caffeinated at the 11 a.m. “Bloggers & Writers Meetup,” a panel discussion with bloggers Ashley Vance and Jerel Marshall.   It was […]