The beauty and fashion industry is an ever-changing world. More recently, it’s become more tangible through YouTube, as the media platform has allowed brands to not only allow brands to reach their end consumer in a more practical and realistic way, but also launch the careers of many others. Vicky Logan, a Dallas-Fort Worth native, got her start on YouTube over 5 years ago. Today she has amassed a following of over 200,000 subscribers that follow her for beauty and fashion content. Check out our conversation we had with Vicky below!


YouTube seems to be the way to go if you want to break into the beauty industry. If you had a DJ Khaled moment, what would be one MAJOR key that would you give those who are looking to also start or grow a YouTube channel?

Major key would be yourself and love that you do.

We’ve watched you grow into your own personal brand over the years as you’re partnered with multiple sponsors in the fashion & beauty industry. What is one thing that you want to portray to your audience or one ideal that you cosign?
I always want to help people love themselves. I think that’s what I mainly focus on. It’s more about being yourself, being confident in who you are, and not being ashamed of who you are. I don’t ever hide my struggles or anything of my flaws, because I want people to know that it’s not just about how good you look, it’s about how you feel. I want people to have self-love beyond just make-up.

There seems to be a weird standard within the beauty industry. If you beat your face, you’re pretending to be perfect and you’re a phony. If you don’t beat your face, people criticize you and say you NEED makeup. How do you deal with the nay-sayers?
It’s definitely hard having 100’s of thousands of people watching you all the time. A lot of times I have to step back and unplug for a while and realize that I’m not a person that has to portray an image online. I also surround myself with people that actually love and care for me. You can have as many followers as you want, but when you don’t have that connection with people in real life, there is a void. I put as much effort into my personal life, as I do my internet presence. There has to be a balance.

logan-vicky-imageOnce you reveal one personal thing on YouTube, there seems to be a chain reaction. People feel obligated or entitled to know more about you. How to you deal with that pressure or combat that constant pull to give more of yourself?
It’s definitely hard. I’m still figuring it out. Of course, I’m more private and I don’t like for my business to be out. I want to make sure that if I feel uncomfortable talking about something or doing something, I don’t do it. If I feel trapped or forced, I won’t do it. I keep myself in check.

If you had to craft a playlist of any artists, dead or alive, to get ready to for the next week, what would those songs be?
My every day song is Tori Kelly – Something Beautiful. When that song came out, I was in a really rough patch in my career and my confidence level. That song really got me through it. Another one would be Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You. Justin struggled with his fame, and that song speaks to me, in that ‘I can’t be perfect. I can just live my life,” type of way.

It seems as though there has been a recent spike of 80’s & 90’s clothing that has come back in style. What are some of the summer trends that you are looking forward to?
All of them. I love denim because I’m from Texas. I really love denim on denim. That’s my go-to. I also love my hair, which is a very 90’s, TLC hairstyle! I didn’t think it would be cute on me, but I loved it. Shell Adidas, good pair of overalls, and fanny packs are all things I love. I also love that braids are back. Protective styling is in, especially since Beyoncé wore them on the album (Lemonade) cover.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very Tomboy meets Glam. I’m a tomboy at heart. I love sneakers, and hats. I love wearing sweatpants with heels. I like to be comfortable and have that girly element too. Right now, athleisure, is really in and I’m obsessed!

Did you also freak out of Ivy Park?
I did! I’m in all Ivy Park right now. The leggings are so comfortable. I also love Rihanna’s Puma slides that just came out. I got two pairs!

 What do you cosign?

Celebrity Style: Rihanna. I’ve been following her since she cut her hair. I loved her hairstyles, clothes, shoes, everything!
Shoe or Shoe Brand: Converse. I feel like if you have a good pair of converse, you can make it through life.
Make-Up Product: A beauty blender! I think it’s one of the best tools you could ever use, other than your hand. Everyone needs a beauty bender.
Staple Accessory: Definitely, hoop earrings. I’ve been wearing hoop earrings since grade school. Since I’ve cut my hair, I think they’re even more necessary.
Favorite Clothing Item: A good pair of jeans that fits you in all the right places. If they are a perfect wash that compliments your skin tone, that is even better.

To see more of Vicky, feel free to check her out on YouTube here!
Twitter: VictoriousLogan
Instagram: VictoriousLogan

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