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So you may or may not remember when we did the Cypher project back in February. If you need a reminder please click here for the DALLAS COSIGN CYPHER VOLUME ONE. When the project dropped, people asked us “well what about the singers?” and our response was “say no more”. Zed had suggested that we do a live jam session with a band and feature vocalists all across the DFW area. Sounds easy right? Couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Months of planning and logistics work.  This took an entire production team to pull off this project and not to mention over 4 hours to film.  Aside from the vocalists and the band, there was a team dedicated to lighting, sound, and videography. What we all came together and created was an intricate piece of work that not only sounds good to the ear but is aesthetically pleasing as well. There is something to enjoy throughout the video, whether it be the lead vocalist, to lights, to the cinematography, or even background vocals. On behalf of the Cosign Music Team, we want to thank our friends from 808 Entertainment who co-sponsored this event. We especially thank the musicians and vocalists for dedicating their time and trusting the Cosign Music Team with their talents. So please enjoy the Cosign Soul Session Vol.1 and be on the look out for the next!




Vocalists (As By Appearance)


  1. DaVante Thornton:  Hope, Arkansas-  @smoothsilkysoul
  2. Imag:  Arlington, Texas-   @__rubymiller
  3. Devaun Owens:  Forth Worth, Texas-  @devtheonly
  4. Taylor Morgan:  Dallas, Texas-  @thetmorganrhythm
  5. Kevin Williams:  New Orleans, Louisiana-  @musclescrappy1
  6. Miracle Foster:  Dallas, TX-  @genuinelymi




Keyboard: King Geno, Greenville, TX –  @officialkinggeno

Drums:  Justise Harris, Dallas, TX-  @22thagreat_

Bass:  Gary Atkinson II, Portland, Oregon-  @Skruff.geemula 


Sound Team:


  1. Gabriel Sheffield-  @blackspadezmedia
  2. Justin Lamar-  @itsjustinlamar
  3. Dante Hagerman – @sensei_domino 


Lighting Team:

  1. Joshua Allen-  @106ndark
  2. Jeff Williams-  @jeffaraoh


Videography Team:


  1. Dj Gains (Chief Videographer)-  @TeddyGVisuals
  2. DeMarcus Mitchell-  @TheBreezeLife
  3. Jasmine Jackson-  @jlashayimages
  4. Ashley Williams-  @hernameashley


Sponsor- 808 Entertainment





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