Dallas COSIGN Cypher

Curated by: Cameron Tendaji | @illumindaji

So whenever I tell people that I work for COSIGN magazine as a Music Editor, usually the next question that comes after is “What does that mean?”… Simply put… Besides providing you all with dope content, a majority of my job is to give people a platform to showcase their talents. This Cypher is one of those. The COSIGN Music team embarked on creating this Dallas Cypher all the way back in November, and believe me it was a difficult task. After taking months debating on which artists, which location, which DJ, and which instrumental we finally came to a conclusion. So why did we COSIGN these particular artists? One word…. Diversity. All 5 of these artists have their own defined styles and bring something different to the table. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the talent that’s right in our back yard. I have to give a major shout-out to Jaren at @JCICreatives for collaborating with us and bringing this vision to life, and to @DjSo4kis for creating this dope mix.




1. Jahn Dough hailing from 909, California/Desoto, Texas. You can see the passion in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Jahn has a story to tell and when he steps to the mic you can’t help but be compelled to listen. Hear his story with his project called “My Afro Is My Halo” which can be found on iTunes. IG @JahnDough7203

2. Shoose McGee from Henderson, Texas. I met this artist when he performed at a Black Canvas one Thursday and he completely blew me away. He has an unconventional flow and his lyricism is off the charts. I guarantee you’ll have to listen to his verse several times to catch every single bar that he drops. IG @ShooseMcGee

3. Oak Cliff EZ. You can probably guess where he’s from. He has a long career ahead of him and unmatched potential. Please keep on the look out for what this young artist will do next! IG @OakCliffEZ

4. Tor1n from Shreveport, Louisiana. We’ve been following Torin’s music for almost a year now. He is a dynamic performer and also a renaissance man by not only being an artist but also a producer and video editor. Check out his project “A Night At The Movies” on iTunes. IG @tor1n_

5. B. Anderson from Arlington, Texas. Sometimes you find things when you aren’t looking for them. I was listening to Jahn Dough’s track “The Dos and the Donts” and when he started rapping I remember asking “Who is this!?” B. Anderson is a natural when it comes to performing and commanding a track. Check out his project “2 ½ Mins Till Midnight” on iTunes. IG @_banderson_

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