Brandon Moore, MooreInDallas, & #YouInDallas

Brandon Moore has quite the unique story as a young yet seasoned entrepreneur. From his early time in undergrad, even dating back to high school, Moore always seemed to be attracted to the art of social influence and entrepreneurship.

Brandon has launched multiple brands, hosted a plethora of events, worked with various clients from all over the DFW Metroplex, and created a social safe space community for young black professionals to coexist. He is many things, but one thing he is not, is one-dimensional. He started his blog as a way to give people around him an easy way to get introduced to Dallas. He actually had the website built before moving to Dallas, but once here, he saw an actual need for it. His mindset to connect and cultivate has a larger impact than he realizes.

In spring of 2019, Brandon and his platform MooreInDallas launched a social community widely known as #YouInDallas, via the app Slack, growing from the low teens to nearly 3,000 people within the course of the summer months. This nearly all-black, young professional group is still thriving to this day with its various channels and almost instantaneous link-ups for brunch, happy hour, and random kickbacks all throughout the DFW Metroplex. This community has done more than provide social opportunities for people to connect, it has also saved lives. From many people dealing with depression, anxiety, and various other demarcations, it was evident that this group was a source of relief, safe space, and refuge to its users. Intimate conversations have been discoursed within the app, turning some of its users lives around, and Brandon Moore is to thank.

Brandon is all about impact. He knew how it felt to move to a new city knowing no one and just wanted to provide a resource so other people didn’t have to have as rough a transition as he did. “I learned that bringing value to people will always bring value to you in the long run,” he says. And Brandon is doing just that. Every part of the journey isn’t easy and for Brandon, isolation has been one of the difficult parts he faced. “Sometimes when you’re building something that people don’t fully understand, you have to take time for yourself to get it together.”

As a visionary, time for self is key and is what Brandon has been focused on as of late, while rebranding specific verticals within his brand. His primary goal will always be to connect people, but the more he has grown during his brief time in Dallas, he’s learned that your brand must grow with you. MooreInDallas sounds very location-specific but what we all have grown to know is that Brandon Moore is so much more!

Stay connected with Moore In Dallas:

Instagram: @MooreInDallas
Website: www.mooreindallas.com

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