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COSIGN Conversations 006: Greg Martel, Founder of SHAiR Your Car

In this interview we chat with Greg Martel, Founder & CEO of SHAiR and Shop Your Own Mortgage.

After 19 years in the mortgage industry witnessing countless people trying to scrape together a way to pay their mortgage, founder and CEO Greg Martel, had an epiphany.

What if there was a way to turn cars that have become huge financial liabilities into assets? After many trials and tribulations leasing cars out himself, he realized there was so much more that needed to be done not only to educate the public on how to make money while driving your dream car, but also demanding a higher standard for renters and hosts alike.

SHAiR is much more than just a place to list your car: it’s a place to get financial tips, tools, and wisdom from us and others, benefitting from the experience of our community. We can show you how to create new revenue streams with your vehicle you never knew were possible.

For more information on SHAiR visit the website www.shairyourcar.com and follow on Instagram at @shairyourcar.


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