3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions You (Probably) Can’t Mess Up
By: Chris P of COSIGN Magazine (@CPLocalCeleb)

It’s the end of yet another year; 2015 is upon us. So before you set your sights on your self improvement goals, let me offer a few you New Year’s resolutions that don’t take much effort, but will make the world a better place for all of us. Let’s face it, we could all be more likable, so you should be on the right side of history and in others’ good graces this year, by adopting these simple fixes to some of your minor character flaws (the major ones… you are on your own).

In 2015…

1. Read articles before posting them online, as fact.
Some people want to be in the know and spread knowledge to their peers, and others just like to act like it. A few seconds of effort before you go posting/sharing an article online, will go a long way. Please read the text of the article, as to not assist in misinforming an already rather misinformed public, and you’ll look like the smart one for not falling for the satire and/or blatant lies. (Also, Google the sources.) For the record, Aaron Hernandez was NOT acquitted, Michael Jordan does NOT hate poor black children and alcohol and tobacco is STILL ineligible for purchase with food stamps. “But if it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right?” Not quite.

2. Turn the Group Messaging option off for your text messages.
One quick fix to your smartphone’s settings can change your life, and the lives of others around you, for the better. This is the simplest of the suggested resolutions, as it’s a one and done, but it may prevent you from breaking up your happy home or technology-ing yourself out of your single-life escapades. When you sent your mass “Happy New Year!” text, everyone on the text may have both been able to see every number the message went to and may also be able to receive what anyone texts back to you. One misplaced term of endearment (i.e. baby, bae, boo, etc.) hitting the wrong inbox, or multiple inboxes, will start a shit storm that you basically unleashed upon yourself… Also, all of your friends will thank you for not receiving responses to texts they didn’t send. If you want a group chat, there are plenty of apps designed specifically for just that.

3. Stop buying social media followers.
It seemed like a good idea… “This will help me appear relevant,” thought many people, including one Mason Betha, the most notable victim of the Instagram’s December deletion of what it calls “spammy accounts.” Chances are, in the next phony follower purge, you wont lose 1.5 million followers, but you still don’t want to be that guy/girl. Besides the fact that that’s money down the drain, the ridicule could be epic, especially if you have attained some level of notoriety. It’s only social media…

So with these three quick fixes, you will not only improve your standard of living, but you may also boost to your self-esteem. By February, when you’ve flaked on your other New Year’s resolutions, you can look back to these and say, “I accomplished something!” Good luck over the next 365, and may 2015 actually be your year.

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