While doing my daily online reading I stumbled across a great article via hypebeast.com “10 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job.” The title really stood out to me because if you know me I plan on quitting my day job VERY SOON to pursue this #CosignLife full time. Richard Liu of DSPTCH gives 10 great points and I thought all my #CosignLifers would agree that this would be a good read. Here are the first 3 points below and for the full story visit HYPEBEAST.com!

Put some thought into it

This sounds like a ridiculously obvious thing to say. What it really should say is to put some serious and emotionless thought into it. Too often I hear of people using dissatisfaction with their current job as the jettisoning force to free themselves from their desk. Starting your own business should be much more than a reaction, it is going to drain your time, money and resources. Make sure you take the time to consider all of the changes that will go into it. It’s impossible to expect that you will be able to keep everything in your life the same and pursue your passion. The improvement of one will most likely lead to the degradation or constriction of the other. This is a big decision (if you’re really serious about making it work). Give it the consideration it deserves.

Make a plan

Ridding yourself of a day job may feel liberating at first, but trust me, that state of euphoria gets quickly backhanded out of you when the reality of its limitations settle in. Having a clear plan before you make your big leap not only helps you decide if it is the right decision, but will also give you a chance to prepare for it beforehand (sometimes years in advance). I spent two years running DSPTCH from my apartment while working a full-time job and although endearing at times, is something I never wish to do again. But, enduring that discomfort early on helped take pressure off during the nascent years of the company and also taught me how to be very efficient with my time and run a lean operation. Those are lessons I still rely on today, years down the road. Start working on your plan in the meantime before you break the chains.

Set some checkpoints ahead of time

This point pertains more to the “life after” but is definitely beneficial to think about while still in the process of forming your plans. What does “keep going” look like? What does “this isn’t working” look like? Before you make your jump (specifically, before you go beyond the point of no return), it’s not only critical to have a vision of success in your mind but also to know when the results and external factors you experience are telling you that your plan needs more work. Set attainable goals and stick to them. If you aren’t able to hit your targets, be realistic about when it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Story via hypebeast.com


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