"Trent Out Loud Shares How Sneakers Saved & Ruined His Life"

In this episode of #COSIGNConversations, we chat with Trent out Loud about mental health, his come up, self-publishing not one, but two books, making millions of dollars and losing millions of dollars, plus more. We also learn how sneakers both saved and ruined his life.

Trent Out Loud, the founder of Exclucity, laid the groundwork for sneaker culture in Canada and his autobiographical debut as an author, “How Sneakers Saved My Life: Book 1” and How Sneakers Ruined My Life: Book 2, gives you an up close and personal look at the man behind the brand. A child of Jamaican immigrants that went from being on welfare, to CEO of one of the most successful brands in Canadian history. From selling Long Tees and Du-rags out of the trunk of a car to ten store fronts that have employed over 800 people, everybody wants to know how he did it, and now he’s telling the unfiltered truth. Anybody can talk to you about how to get money, how to be a success, but not many are willing to be open enough to show you the toll it can take on your soul to get there. Trent Out Loud is standing in his truth and his courage will allow many to do the same.


Follow Trent Out Loud on Instagram at @TrentOutLoud.

Purchase “How Sneakers Saved My Life” here.

Purchase “How Sneakers Ruined My Life” here.

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