Topic’s Treasures For Sale!

This one is for all of you artists needing beats! -topic, one of Dallas’ best artists, as well as producers, is having a beat sale! He’s got a diverse range of sounds, from hip-hop to r&b, to electronic and pop. This man seriously has a beat for any ear. You can check out some of these treasures for your ears on his soundcloud, which is soundcloud.com/topic, and you can also check out some stuff on his bandcamp if you’re bout that bandcamp life, which is topic.bandcamp.com. For serious inquiries, email hawkingbourough@gmail.com and he’ll getcha set up from there. Leases range from $75-$125, exclusives $300-$500, custom exclusives for $500-$600, and bundle discounts for purchases of 3 or more beats. SUPPORT YOUR LOCALS!

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