Top Five things we will never do again at SXSW!
By: Milana Alchemista

SXSW 2015 was amazing; we came, we saw and we partied. As another epic festival comes to a close we decided there are definitely a few things we would do differently for next year.

Here are the top five mistakes we won’t make for SXSW 2016:

  1. Pack only sandals and booty shorts

As the saying goes “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait ten minutes.” That proved true this year. If you made the mistake of ignoring the weekend forecast you probably were also one of the festival goers walking around looking like an idiot. Austin made some serious dollars off of parkas this year. Next year we’re coming ready with some kick around sneakers and at least a hoodie.

  1. Arrive with no place to stay

While we are all for going wherever the night takes you, don’t be that person begging to crash in your friend’s hotel room (for free). They’re probably already piled in there with 10 other people. Plan accordingly to have at least a cheap motel room, or bring blankets and secretly sleep in your car. No judgment.

  1. Refuse to buy a wristband

Although the high price of official festival events can be soul crushing, picking at least one thing you are excited about ahead of time can avoid wasting time when you get there. We got caught sadly walking the streets alone while everyone else was partying at the Fader Fort. Don’t let this be you! You can probably find some cheaper shows with your favorite artists on a 6th street venue after hours, but if you see a lineup you’re interested in, don’t wait!! Bite the bullet and pay for a show, it’s worth it.

  1. Show up empty handed

SXSW draws people from all over and all walks of life, not just musicians. You never know who you could literally bump into. This year, everyone from Lil Flip to Rachael Ray could be found roaming the streets of Austin. No matter who you are or what you do, come with a business card, demo, acting reel, whatever. Who knows, it might lead you to your next big break.

  1. Push the night too far

SXSW means hoards of people in less than a mile radius. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt! The energy is amazing until one thing pops off and turns it the other way. Once all the clubs let out the street can turn from a rave to a rally in seconds, don’t get trampled in the stampede. We suggest maybe going home or leaving the scene a little before club let out to avoid the drama. You won’t miss anything, the same people will be out again the next morning.

What were some of your “I’ll never do that again” moments from SXSW? Share below!



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