With the NBA season looming, you’d have to wonder who would be perfect assets on the gridiron today if they had the chance of gracing the field.

You’ve seen people like Charlie Ward succeed on the collegiate stage. He won the Heisman for Florida State before transitioning into a point guard. You’ve also seen Julius Peppers dabble in basketball for the Tar Heels before ultimately choosing the gridiron.

Of course, there’s a reason why these guys are playing professional basketball and not football. But it’s always fun to imagine what they’d be like in a helmet and pads. So, we decided to rate the 10 players from the NBA who we think would have the best chance to succeed on the NFL stage.

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Via Dime Magazine (DimeMag.com)

10.) NATE ROBINSON (NFL Comparison Antonio Cromartie)

9.) KENDRICK PERKINS (NFL Comparison Ray Lewis)

8.) JOHN WALL (NFL Comparison Robert Griffin III)

7.) SERGE IBAKA (NFL Comparison Nnamdi Asomugha)

6.) STEVE NASH (NFL Comparison Peyton Manning)

5.) DERRICK ROSE (NFL Comparison Marshawn Lynch)

4.) DWAYNE WADE (NFL Comparison Old School Donovan McNabb)

3.) RAJON RONDO (NFL Comparison Aaron Rodgers)

2.) KEVIN DURANT (NFL Comparison Plaxico Burress)

1.) LEBRON JAMES  (NFL Comparison Calvin Johnson)

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