#TheWatch took place this past Thursday at The Curtain Club, turning out to be yet another successful event to add to our Cosign resume. We had eight talented acts, two personable hosts (myself and Vincent Tucker), one dope DJ, bemyfriend, and a local clothing vendor, Fresh Life Clothing.

Ziggy Illfame got the evening started performing 3 and a half songs. We must say he started off very strong with nice lyrics over mellow beats, but I guess he wasn’t feeling the environment enough to finish his last song. Overall, Ziggy had a nice set. The only advice I would give is to finish everything you start because the people in the audience are all potential fans.

Up next was MacBroadz own, D.Smiley. This man had a pretty live set! He had great stage presence and put on a well-rounded show. He started with his new single, You Know It, which he performed in the same mask as his new visual. You can check out the video here on the site as well. Great job to D.Smiley. We’ll be at his next show on March 8th for #NXNT. Meet us there!

One of the most creative dudes of the evening was the photographer, as well as hip hop artist, Franco Perry. With his upcoming release of his project titled “Stank”, you could tell he wanted make sure his performance gave an adequate taste to fans of what to expect out of the project. He even spit some dope bars acapella. He gave the people just enough records to have them inquiring on who Franco Perry is. Stay tuned for his EP titled “Stank” if you want to hear more of Franco.

The young, energetic collective, BLACKTAG, performed next, demanding the crowds attention and participation. If you ask me, this was one of the three livest acts of the evening. They performed a couple different songs which allowed all of the members to shine in their own way. What I liked most about the performance is that they fed off of each other. You could tell that they genuinely just love performing. I suggest everyone pay attention and look out for BLACKTAG.

D-WASH came through ready to regulate, performing “First 48” and “Chirpin”, both very DOPE records. He also blessed us with a freestyle off the dome and had the whole audience rocking. D-WASH has all the ingredients it takes. With a couple more records and the release of a project on the way, you will definitely  be hearing more of D-WASH.

MSE Gang and Say Cheese TV’s own, Street, came through like the young lion that he is and showed the people of Dallas why he has the juice. He performed Bleedone of his latest records that features Cashmir. He also performed another one of singles, titled On Go. But the song that truly set the stage on fire was his newest single Juice. This was only the second time he had ever performed this track. Once Juice officially drops, you’ll know where to find it!

SFS Souf, a newly DFW-based collective, has been making a lot of noise this year due to their leading general, Star. They performed a few of their regular cuts, Dreaming and Big Bread, but the song that I’m pretty sure grew their fan base that evening was Star’s new single featuring Jaeson Green, titled 48.14. This song is a street anthem that is relatable across the board. I’ve never seen the homie Star rap so fiercely and sharp. It’s like he was ready for war that evening. Make sure you check out the collective and also lookout for Star’s new project set to drop in April titled, “When Stars Align.”

The man of the evening was one of Dallas’ best emcee, MGA-CZAR. First and foremost, I would like to say I’ve seen the growth in MGA-CZAR and seeing him shine in the spotlight assures me that Dallas music is headed in the right direction. MGA-CZAR has many star qualities, that with the right backing, he can lead our scene into one of the leading cities for hip hop music. He has a unique style, very charasmatic, an intricate flow, and he paints the Mona Lisa over and over again with his words. His stage presence kills 90% of any other local acts we’ve seen. It’s imperative that if you read this, you back track and download his entire past catalog.

If you enjoyed #TheWatch, make sure you attend our next installment on Thursday, March 20th at the same location, The Curtain Club. #CosignLife

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