-Photo credit to Mikel Galicia-

For those of you that were tuned into LFTU Radio this evening, we all were introduced to The Outfit, TX, a rap group born and raised in Dallas, TX who later in 2006 moved to Houston, TX for school and began making a name for themselves in the hip hop music scene. I’ve been seeing the name almost everywhere lately, whether that be on social networks or show flyers or on the blogs, and now I’m finally discovering the music! I’m loving the southern hip-hop sound with a touch of heavy bass and trap-like beats. I definitely wouldn’t say that it’s trap music, but in some songs, the bass in the beat gives a trap feel to a southern sound, which is perfect if you ask me! So here’s what I’ve been listening to for about the past hour. I definitely cosign these guys! Check it out!


Here’s their website. www.theoutfittx.com

Follow them here: @TheOutfitTX

Follow our team: @CosignMag @COSIGN_KG @saybreaaa @COSIGN_PD @ItMustBJAM

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