f602611c-9287-4256-ba42-24fc9454aa19Today we came across a track called “The List.” The record comes from a Fort Worth artist that we are very familiar about here at COSIGN¬†Magazine. We’ve been rockin with this artist for a while now so when we get a visual or track we have to share. Award winning director Jeremy Biggers brings this record to life and captures Killa’s point of being left off certain blogs’ “List”. The visuals is what caught my eye at first with the theme of the video being a 90’s Martin Lawrence/ Do The Right Thing vibe that I’m sure a lot are familiar with. The track was produced by Blue, The Misfit who we are also a fan of here. This video has creativity written all over it, from the visuals to the production, and even Killa who has zero problem sporting a floor length fur coat (which we’ve seen him wear a few times around Dallas) and does a damn good job doing it. it seems to us that Killa and his team are sending a message to music fans with this release, but anyone who know Killa, knows only he can convey that message in his own way. Click and see for yourself why we COSIGN Killa and Blue, The Misfit teaming up for, The list.

P.S. We apologize to PETA in advance

Parris Daniel

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